The Democrats Play Politics With the “Violence Against Women Act”


Women are being used as pawns by the Democratic Party.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Joe Biden, Think Progress, Diane Feinstein, Pat Murray, and all the other usual players are carrying on that 31 Republican men voted against the Violence Against Women Act. This is another volley in their faux claim that Republicans have launched a war against women.

What they fail to mention is that the bill was extended by them to include spending provisions new to the bill while it bolsters wasteful spending.

There are new groups included – Native-Americans, IGBT, and illegal immigrants – in a program that suffers from sloppy paperwork and poor management. Senator Grassley said the bill “expands the law too far and costs too much.”

The Democrats are painting this as a war against women and a war against minorities. They have added provisions the Republicans have never discussed before and Democrats are turning the tables by railing that the Republicans want to gut the bill.

Senator Rubio said that he voted against it because “it would “divert” funding away from domestic violence programs to sexual assault cases, “without any evidence that the increased funding will result in” further prosecutions. He said it gave the Justice Department too much power at the expense of state groups and added that it didn’t address other federal programs that are duplicative.” [Politico]

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), a co-sponsor of the bill, said she was “offended by the blatant politics being played on this” by Democrats using the bill to attack the GOP. She dismissed the charge of a “war on women” as “absurd.”

This entire episode is a transparent effort to further Obama’s claim that Republicans are conducting a war against women. Meanwhile they are adding spending we cannot afford.

The real war on women is the one waged by Democrats as they use us as pawns in their partisan attacks. Women who have been victimized should not be victimized again by partisanship and inferior programs that 68 Senators do not want to investigate.

And we wonder how a GSA could happen.

The real heroes in this are the 31 Republican men who had the guts to take on the battle in an attempt to do the right thing despite the consequences.

The programs have significant shortcomings including questionable costs for large grants –