The DOJ Will Control Police Agencies



Heather MacDonald’s outstanding piece on targeting the police describes a 1994 law giving the DOJ the authority to control police agencies, who in their view, have engaged in a “pattern or practice” of constitutional violations. Nothing was ever uncovered even after confiscation of hundreds of thousands of documents, many of which the DOJ lost.

That didn’t stop them, over the next decade, the LAPD, was forced to operate under a draconian federal  “consent decree”— meaning, a court oversaw every aspect of the LAPD with a $100 million of mindless, paper pushing manpower.

In 2000, a deputy AG, named Eric Holder, forced oversight on them. Holder plans to make this useless government oversight the model for presiding over ALL police departments – ALL. They plan to be much more aggressive than the Bush administration.

This is a power grab.

MacDonald writes, The first thing DOJ demanded as part of its new authority over the LAPD was the collection of racial information on every stop the L.A. officers make—even though the corruption scandal which provided the pretext for the consent decree had nothing to do with race or alleged “racial profiling.”

L.A. police officers are being hamstrung at every turn with voluminous paperwork for every action they take in the field. Any use of force against every gang banger is also overly investigated by DOJ. It has cost the LAPD more than $50 million in unnecessary paperwork. A court ruling has taken some of this oversight away, but the (probably unconstitutional) consent decree is set to expire this month, and the DOJ has made a new and preposterous claim.

MacDonald writes, According to DOJ’s civil rights division, the LAPD does not investigate racial profiling complaints with sufficient intensity. The department seems to tolerate a “culture that is inimical to race-neutral policing,” say the federal attorneys. These accusations are nothing short of delusional. The LAPD is arguably the most professional, community-oriented police agency in the country, having been led for most of the last decade by modern policing’s premier innovator, William Bratton. Moreover, it investigates every racial profiling allegation with an obsessive thoroughness that stands in stark contrast to the frivolity of most profiling accusations.

This is a takeover of the police by an ineffective DOJ that will micromanage, make false charges, run up bills for paper pushers as they grab power throughout the country. Read the full article here: Read the MacDonald article in full here.

To make matters worse, Pajama’s Media reports that the 23 newly-hired Justices to the DOJ are far left zealots who are there for political reasons – they have an agenda. Their far left human rights and civil rights backgrounds will only continue the injustices by Holder’s DOJ as he imagines racial crimes where none exist and ignore others that do but don’t fit into his ideology.