The DOT Wants to Drive Us Out of Our Automobiles


Secretary Foxx with Obama

The Department of Transportation wants you out of your cars and on to public transportation. The Transportation Secretary hopes to trick you into it.

Secretary of Transportation Foxx wants you to “Invest in America, Commit to the Future” and he’s going on a bus tour to spread his message. This quote is taken from the article about it on his website:

I’m spending the next week traveling across the country with a simple message: Americans need new and better transportation options to help them get to school, get to work, or start a business. The President has proposed a way to do this without adding to the deficit…if we can get Congress to invest in America and commit to a multi-year transportation bill.

So, when you see me climbing on and off a bus next week, when you read my postcards from the road about the opportunities that transportation is creating in states from Ohio to Texas–as well as the cost of missed opportunities in projects that can’t get funding –I want you to know I’m doing it for a reason.

I’m doing it because it’s time to get to “yes.”

Do you believe it won’t add to the deficit?

You can get rid of your cars, yes you can! The nanny government wants you out of your cars and on to public transportation.

He sent out an email to let people know the Department of Transportation has a vision for you. Roads, bridges and transit systems can be your key to a better life – to the American Dream. He is going to visit the roads, bridges, highways that need expanding to spread his propaganda.

Foxx wants more money to expand them all as if the $4 trillion budget isn’t enough. We need to spend more.

As part of the public transportation indoctrination, the DOT has a SaferBus App and it “allows you to check the safety record of your motor coach carrier before going on a trip.”  He “looked before he booked.” The first thing he did before he set off on his journey was to check for safety.

What gibberish. The government thinks we all have the IQs  of turnips and the emotional age of 12-year olds.

Is this what people want? Is this why they voted for Obama, not once, but TWICE?

In case you didn’t get the message, the government needs more money as they spend us into poverty, they want everyone on public transportation, and they want to talk to you as if you are children.

This is nanny-ism at its best.

h/t to Herbert Richmond