The Dutch Want Immigrants to Speak Dutch or Get Out


As the United States allows people to come here illegally without meeting language requirements and as the open borders crowd demands we become a bilingual nation, the Dutch have taken a different approach. The Dutch now require Dutch fluency to become a Dutch citizen.

Children born on Dutch soil aren’t automatically citizens as they are in the United States. Since a Supreme Court decision making place of birth a deciding factor in citizenship, the flood of illegal immigrants giving birth in the United States from around the world has accelerated.

According to Dutch Nationality Law, prospective citizens in The Netherlands must be “sufficiently integrated in Dutch society” and be “able to read, write, speak and understand Dutch. This must normally be proved by taking a naturalisation test. Successful completion of an eligible integration course is an alternative.”

There are exemptions as there will be in any law but they strive for assimilation of immigrants as opposed to the U.S. where people here illegally – and their political supporters – strive to indoctrinate us into the immigrants’ belief systems.

The right-wing in The Netherlands wants to eliminate dual citizenship because of the divided loyalties it engenders. The United States allows dual citizenship.

Click this link to listen to a video from Time. Time would undoubtedly prefer to not see the Dutch demand immigrants speak Dutch.

The Dutch have given up their model of multiculturalism because Muslims coming into their country are creating a parallel society alongside theirs. The Dutch tightened up their policies beginning in 2011.


Multi-culturism, is it a good thing?

The Dutch government stopped offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because they understand something our government does not – it’s not the government’s job to integrate immigrants. Immigrants should do their best to integrate themselves into the society they hope to join. In the U.S., we are more-and-more being expected to acclimate to them. For example, on Long Island, which is deeply in debt, every government office offers their issuances in more than 100 languages.

The Netherlands is outlawing forced marriages and they are imposing a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas. France and Belgium have a ban on theses coverings.

Many foreigners want to keep their traditions and they should but when they set up alternative societies, that’s a bridge too far.

Could we face the same thing here in the States?

We could learn from the Dutch. We should welcome immigrants but not change who we are. 

h/t Rosalie Hanson