The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Recognize Israel



The Muslim Brotherhood

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader,  al-Bayoumi, will not recognize the brokered Egypt-Israel peace deal. He might put the deal up to a vote but will not recognize the pact under any circumstances. He says that Israel, the Zionist entity, is the enemy.

The third and final round of Parliamentary elections is coming up in days and this is a political move to gain support for the Brotherhood candidates. The second tier salafis of the Nour Party said they will continue peace with Israel but will seek to get rid of the exploitive clauses.

“Is rising to power conditional on recognizing Israel?” al-Bayoumi wondered. “That’s out of the question, no matter what the situation is. On no condition will we recognize Israel. It is an enemy entity, an exploiting, criminal occupier.”

According to al-Bayoumi, no member of the Muslim Brotherhood will ever meet with Israelis.

“I won’t allow myself to sit down with a criminal,” he said. “We won’t cooperate with Israel in any situation.”