The Tyranny Of The Uneducated Masses & The Electoral College


The left wants to get rid of the Electoral College. That would be a disaster. The Electoral College protects us against a tyranny of ignorance. The Founding Fathers always planned for the states to elect the President, not the individuals.
“…It (the Electoral College) creates an important barrier that acts as a safeguard against the people’s own primitive instincts by creating as much distance between the people and the people in power themselves. It does not separate the people from the government since the people still decide who is going to hold office through their chosen electors. It does separate them from the people who hold power within government by creating an indirect relationship between them.

Critics correctly point out that this makes people feel that they have no direct connection to the people in power but this is precisely what we want because it helps to eliminate the natural tendencies for democracy to eliminate the rights of other people. In a democracy each person feels connected to the levers of power and as a result they wake up everyday, make a personal list of what they think people shouldn’t be doing, and then work really hard to create a law to implement their master plan for humanity. They think this way because they feel they have personal access to power since it is ‘will of the people’ and they are one of the people so naturally they feel they have the right to implement their will just like any king does.

We must begin to wonder; what is the difference between the tyranny of a single dictator and the tyranny of the single voter. The only difference is that the power to control the lives of everyone exists with one person while the power with the other lies within every person. It makes no difference to the removed freedom of an individual if that law was created by a dictatorship or their neighbor through the democratic process because the end result was the same which was the loss of individual liberty. We see this in anti-smoking laws and the new mandatory healthy living lifestyle act otherwise known as Obamacare because they were all started by do-gooders who woke up and decided everyone else is to fat. They felt that they could eliminate the freedom of their neighbor because they were directly attached to the power through their directly elected official…” 10th Amendment Ctr
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