The EPA Wants the Air That You Breathe – Is This An Overreach?


You think the air is free? Not in the USA, not under this administration.

The EPA is moving in on air in a big way as they step up their impossible standards for no good reason other than control, and it’s going to cost us.

The first control is a probably increasing of the national ground-level ozone standard. Under the auspices of the national Ambient Air Quality Standards program, the EPA decides what air pollutants are “unhealthy” and then regulates or bans them.

Who are these people, where do they get their information, and why are they deciding what we can breathe in? It doesn’t matter if the science is accurate, they can always find some scientists to ban whatever.

The one standard they want to set is so ridiculous that 96% of the monitored counties will not meet the standard. That means businesses will not be able to expand easily and will move to unmonitored counties. Unmonitored counties, however, might lose federal highway funding as part of the double-edged sword. I guess the government wants to make sure they have all bases covered in their power grab.

What Would Happen Under the Different Standards

I live in Suffolk County, NY and we are going to be in big trouble.

Next problem is the regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act (doesn’t that sound innocuous?) The EPA can regulate any air pollutant to whatever degree it wants (and it will also cost you). It is futile as well since China will outpace any greenhouse gases we eliminate.

Studies have found that regulation of greenhouse gases would be very costly. Consider:

  • An estimated 476,000 to 1,400,000 jobs would be lost by the end of 2014, according to the American Council for Capital Formation.
  • Up to 2.5 million jobs could be lost, the average annual household income could be decreased by $1,200, and gasoline and residential electricity prices would increase by 50 percent by 2030, estimates Management Information Services, Inc., an economic research firm.
  • Nearly $7 trillion (in 2008 dollars) in economic output would be lost by 2029, reports the Heritage Foundation.
Without affordable energy, we have neither jobs nor growth and that is the bottom line. Click here for more information.