The Evidence Is Here: Communism And Bamboozled Union Members

Frances Fox Piven, Communist Extraordinaire

I have addressed this in a prior article (teach-ins and rallies, communism and unions ). This teach-in is a uniting of the communist party with the labor unions for teach-ins and rallies.

Union members, make your choice! I joined the Communist Party USA recently to spy on them and I found that Richard Trumpka is esteemed by the party.  Have we become communists now? Does the union really care about our country or is it about the narrow little union world? Have some foresight union members (and I am a union member). If unions kill the golden goose, we’ll all be the proletariat. Communism does not elevate the poor, it brings down the very people who can elevate others. Be afraid, be very afraid.

National Teach-in With Francis Fox Piven and Trumpka