The Future Caliphate in Jerusalem


I don’t want to sound alarmist, but this is alarming. The Doctor of Terror, Egyptian cleric, Dr. Mohamed Mursi, speaking to a crowd of thousands at a Brotherhood rally, raged on that “The capital of the United States of the Arabs will be Jerusalem.”

This man sounds like Hitler and he has the same charisma. Don’t forget that we have two potential Egyptian Presidents who want to destroy Israel.

The Brotherhood are the “moderates” you know.

We had better get a strong U.S. President soon. Obama is clueless. If people think Israel will be destroyed and we will somehow survive, they need to rethink it.

I don’t care what you think of Israel, they are good allies unlike our evil allies, Russia and China. You must hear this man. The difference between him and Hitler is that one called himself a Nazi and one calls himself an Islamist.

The Islamist is more dangerous because he is selling this as God’s will. This is what Obama has helped bring upon us.

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