The Global Crisis & the Socialist United States


Do you want to understand the Global Crisis? Take a look at the philosophy of a diehard progressive who is a University of California Professor of Sociology and Global Studies. He is one of the true believers. I am not going to bother with his name, because he is irrelevant.

Here is the introduction to his piece on a big progressive blog, Common Dreams, Building Progressive Community, which was also published in Al Jazeera, interestingly enough –

As the crisis of global capitalism spirals out of control, the powers that be in the global system appear to be adrift and unable to proposal viable solutions. From the slaughter of dozens of young protesters by the army in Egypt to the brutal repression of the Occupy movement in the United States, and the water cannons brandished by the militarized police in Chile against students and workers, states and ruling classes are unable are to hold back the tide of worldwide popular rebellion and must resort to ever more generalized repression.

Is he for real? Seriously, is he for real or what? He actually said, “..the brutal repression of the Occupy movement in the United States.”  To put the occupiers on Wall Street and elsewhere on a par with Egyptian protesters is moral equivalence at its worst.

The occupiers (OWS) have the misguided notion that they are entitled to take over private & public property, commit crimes, and abuse passersby. The entire faux occupy movement is contrived by the far left and the only thing that is brutal about it is what the occupiers themselves have orchestrated.

At the risk of losing some of the Professor’s deep thought on the subject, I am posting a summary of his general theory: – An historical crisis created in the ’70’s led to “Globalization and neo-liberal policies, which “opened up vast new opportunities for transnational accumulation,” which led to “social polarization” and “pauperization” worldwide.

If you need to read about his glorification of the OWS, you will want to read his piece in total.

The professor then talks about the “Great Recession of 2008,” from which we cannot recover. That happens to be true, but not for the reasons he gives. Obama won’t let us recover in this country with his ongoing assaults on business and energy. The Eu can’t recover because they are Socialists and are suffering the effects of their crony capitalist economy.

The good Professor states that the Eu economic crisis is the result of Capitalism, while he ignores the rampant entitlement Socialist/Communist foundations of the European governments. The Eu is also burdened with corrupt industries, such as the solar and wind companies, who thrive on crony capitalism.

Crony capitalism is not capitalism, but rather it is a type of economic theory that presumes a corrupt corporate-government relationship as integral to the workings of the government.

The good Professor believes the global crisis is a systemic crisis and he has a solution, which is –

In my view, the only viable solution to the crisis of global capitalism is a massive redistribution of wealth and power downward towards the poor majority of humanity along the lines of a 21st-century democratic socialism in which humanity is no longer at war with itself and with nature.

There you have it. The government he describes is not “democratic socialism,” however, and he wouldn’t want to call it what it is. We already have democratic socialism in Europe and we almost have it in the United States. What he is describing is much worse and there is nothing “democratic” about it unless you are referring to tyrannical collectivism.