The Global March to Jerusalem – Violent But Fizzling

The Global March to Jerusalem Logo Is A Map of Palestine Without Israel


The global march to Jerusalem, the flotilla on land, has so far had low turnout. Two million were supposed to turn out from over 80 countries. The numbers are in the thousands.

The event is celebrated every year to commemorate “Land Day,” when six Arabs were killed protesting Israel’s policies.

Currently, it is a battle around the Gaza-Israeli Erez crossing between Israeli forces and marksmen of the Iran-backed Palestinian Jihad Islami. Israeli Defense Forces are aiming at marksmen not the protesters. The borders are in tact but the clashes might not be over.

So far, one protester was killed and 300 were injured. Many protesters were shot at and stopped before they came close to the border (MSNBC).

Protesters threw rocks at police to make their point (?) –

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