The GOP Is Destroying The Whole Wide World!


Now the GOP is destroying the world, no, excuse me, the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. That’s right, another Democrat said so. Remember the Giffords shooting? Remember how the Democrats tried to blame tea partiers for that? Never mind the murderer was deranged and a reader of Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto. They continue to spread that lie while exclaiming the need for civil discourse. You decide if this is civil discourse.

Since 2006, the Congress has been controlled by the Democrats and the Senate still is. The President, a Democrat, has been in office for nearly three years and I don’t know how the GOP could be destroying much of anything with little power. From where I’m sitting, the GOP says they want a balanced budget, a reduced deficit, and they want to be independent of foreign oil by using all means available: drilling, nuclear, windmills, solar, biofuels, natural gas, et cetera.