The Government Can Create Jobs – Unfortunately It’s In Slaughterhouses


Who says Congress and the President can’t reach bipartisan agreement on a spending bill. Naturally it’s a spending bill and not a cutting bill. The government lifted the 2006 ban on horse slaughter for human consumption and we will subsidize it with tax dollars.

Oh man, can’t wait until McDonalds offers the Horse Burger Happy Meal with a toy.

The United Horsemen, a group of meat processors, are planning to open slaughterhouses throughout the country. Yippee.

Odder still is that PETA is for lifting the ban while most other animal activist groups are not. It’s actually not that odd when you hear all the facts.

Apparently, the excess of horses in this country has led to them being sent to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered (stay away from their burgers). There is no way to know if it is being done humanely and it deprives U.S. meat processors and horse owners of much needed income.

Who says the government isn’t creating jobs.

The biggest problem for animal activists is that horses will now be raised to be eaten like cattle and they believe horses are too intelligent to be eaten. I don’t know that they are too intelligent to be eaten but they are a lot smarter than some people I know. Read here: CSMonitor