The Government Is Out-of-Control & You Are Not Free


The government can do anything they want, whenever they want.

My impetus for writing this was an email from a friend who has become concerned about second amendment rights in Missouri. I then decided to add two other stories I think are worthy of consideration. There are many other stories of government abuse which seek to limit our first amendment freedoms and these are merely three of them.

Case 1: A friend of mine who lives in Missouri wrote me to tell me that the feds seemed to be giving registered gun owners a hard time.  He has been hearing a number of these stories on CNN station KDMO 1490AM.

One owner of a meat processing plant was told by the USDA inspectors that they would not go on his premises because he is licensed to carry (conceal carry). They say that makes him a threat. Because they refused to inspect his plant they are shutting him down for not being inspected.

There was another case of a school teacher who was not offered a new contract for the following school year because of his “fondness” for guns and the Second Amendment.

Case 2: Recently, John and Judy Dollarhite received a “Certified Mail Return Receipt” letter (dated April 19, 2011) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.  By reading the letter, they learned that the USDA was fining them $90,643 and that the fine must be paid by Monday. What prompted the fine?

According to APHIS official, they had sold more than $500 worth of bunnies in a single calendar year. Their profit was $200. There was nothing malicious in their sale and the violation arose out of an obscure rabbitry law that neither they nor their lawyer ever heard or or could even locate.

The USDA’s Animal Care program upon further inquiry continued their bureaucratic rants, bellowing inanely about their concern for the treatment of rabbits…Read here; USDA and their hair-raising fine

Case 3: Then there is the case in Cincinnati of Mark Byron’s Facebook posts about his estranged wife. Mr. Byron was faced with jail time for posting comments about his ex-wife on his personal Facebook page. Mr. Byron’s comments were made to his friends on his personal page.

The judge ordered him to go to jail or post daily apologies on his page for a month. Byron feels that the court and his wife have kept him from seeing his children…Click here: Mark Byron’s Facebook Posts About Estranged Wife Lead To Odd Choice This brings up serious concerns about free speech, particularly as it concerns the Internet.

You tell me. Are we free if government representatives can do these kinds of things without anyone questioning them?