The OWS Return to Zuccotti to Create Mayhem


The Democratic Party’s campaign workers, after a brief hiatus during the winter, have returned to Zuccotti for their sixth month anniversary, baiting and attacking police so they can pretend they are victims.

Laughingly, the news likes to report that they were inspired by the Arab Spring when they were actually recruited by far left organizations such as Move On, Media Matters, Daily Kos, Ad Busters (Anarchists), unions, and so on.

There is incontrovertible proof that this is the case. They are the real astroturf.

Interestingly, they keep getting and spending huge sums of cash (though they are allegedly opposed to capitalism) and they are never audited!

The looney fringe tried to set up tents in Zuccotti today though they were told not to do so.

Events got under way near midday on Saturday, with street theater troupes performing and guitar players leading sing-alongs. Some boisterous protesters marched through the streets of the financial district, chanting “bankers are gangsters” and cursing at police.

As they have in past marches, protesters led police on a series of cat-and-mouse chases. Marchers at the front of the crowd would suddenly turn down narrow side streets, startling tourists and forcing police to send officers on motor scooters to contain the crowd.

After an autumn in which protesters, who were honored by the rag called Newsweek, raped, pillaged and murdered, they went home for a few months, some to their middle class and upper class homes or winter vacation spots.

The universities in New York acted as if they were worthy and even offered credit bearing classes in this lauded demonstration of democracy which centers on the premise that everything belongs to everyone and they can occupy any place they want. Meanwhile, the Tea Party is demonized though they have no incidents of raping, pillaging, and murdering.

You will be happy to know that Van Jones, who prods and supports the most violent Oakland Occupiers, is actively working to make them even more revolting.

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