The Historic Flooding Of The Mississippi River

Don Robicheaux, safety coordinator for Marathon, stands in front of a new crude unit at Marathon’s oil refinery in Garyville, La., in this March 25, 2010 file photo. The price of oil is on the rise again amid concerns that flooding from the Mississippi River could affect several nearby oil refineries. (Cheryl Gerber/AP Photo)

We are facing an historic flood that will ruin countless homes and businesses. This will possibly affect gas and oil prices depending on whether or not it hits the refineries.

Whole communities stand to lose everything. One resident explains it well“It looks like it is coming to get us,” said Gerry Krasgrow, who grew up in town. “It’s like a monster coming down the river.” Why have reporters been instructed to NOT MENTION KATRINA when reporting on the impending impact on New Orleans?

This link has a gallery of photos showing the Mississippi at its worst.

Gallery, National Geographic

“…Residents of Louisiana and Mississippi should be ready for flooding along tributaries, bayous and spillways as the swollen Mississippi River pushes record amounts of water south to the Gulf of Mexico, the states’ governors said.

While Louisiana monitors the river’s volume to decide if it must take pressure off the cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Mississippi is watching water rise in the historic Delta region, considered the birthplace of the blues.

“There’s no reason for anybody to lose their life in this,” Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said yesterday at a press conference in Greenville. “We’ve had days and days of warning and the crest isn’t even here yet.”SF Gate