The Imperial President Grants Executive Privilege to Holder – How Nixonian


In an outrageous move, President Obama has given AG Holder executive privilege over releasing documents for Fast and Furious. Out of 140,000 documents, Rep. Issa has received 1300 relevant documents (7000 in total). This has to be a cover-up. There is no other reasonable assumption to make when the House was given such a paltry amount of documents.

Furthermore, Holder gave false testimony and continued with that testimony for a year.

The President’s move is an attempt to stop an investigation of possible wrongdoing by the Executive Branch. Obama seems unaware that Congress is a co-equal branch of government.

President Obama, who promised transparency is one of the most opaque Presidents we have ever had.

The decision was made shortly before a vote by the House Oversight Committee to hold Holder in contempt. The House vote will take place today regardless.

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Last night’s comments by Rep. Darrel Issa –

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