The Jewish Infatuation With Al Gore


by John Smyth

They just adore him. They all came out to vote for him. Millions gladly donated to support his causes and candidacy. Every liberal Jewish voter I know thinks his Global Warming theory is a proven, god-given, sacred idea. Green jobs, electric autos, clean energy or save the planet – it doesn’t matter which Progressive cause it is, you can always count on finding Al Gore and his money-making machine right there.

Just look at him: tall, handsome, a gorgeous wife and family, a scion of generations of Tennessee politicians who spent their lives representing the residents of their beloved state.

In the 2000 presidential election, 79% of all Jewish voters, cast their vote for Al Gore.

Has reality finally set in ? Maybe not.

Ready to overlook anything detrimental to his left-wing reputation as America’s number one liberal icon, Gore’s legion of admirers are more than willing to ignore the following:

1- What happened to his middle class, humble, man of the people persona? He actually lives in a 10,000 square foot palatial mansion.

2- For years, he has vilified anyone owning a gas-guzzling car. You better be driving a Prius or if you have any money left after he raises your taxes, a Tesla would do. By the way, did you know that Al drives a huge SUV and owns a private jet ?

3- He has spent years moralizing about his family and his all-American pedigree, even though his wife walked out on him. Really?

4- He has attacked everyone who questioned his global warming theory, yet he has never debated anyone who disagrees with him. Giving speeches before adoring audiences and getting honorary degrees is much easier than actually defending your position.

But finally some of Al Gore’s private business dealings have even some of his most ardent supporters questioning their undying loyalty. What took them so long is really perplexing.

1- When he left office, Market Watch estimated that Al Gore’s net worth was 1.1 million dollars. Today this “humble” man’s net worth has skyrocketed to about an astonishing $300 million dollars! (That’s not a misprint!)

2- In 2004, Al Gore co-founded liberal oriented, cable network, “Current TV”. A dismal failure, he and his partners chose to maximize their investment by selling it to Al Jazeera for $500 million dollars with Al Gore’s 20% share leaving him with a $100 million profit. That’s also not a misprint.

Why would this the Qatar-owned, oil-financed, and blatantly anti-Semitic media giant spend this kind of money? Because Al Gore was the only one who would sell them a national network, thus giving them an opening into our media market.

3- When Al Jazeera withheld $65 million dollars from the sale price, Gore sued them for the balance. Amazingly, he got the courts to seal the case in an attempt to keep him well insulated from any adverse publicity associating with his new business associates. Their blatantly antisemitic, anti-US and anti-Israel views are ignored by Al Gore and his followers. Apparently, financial gain trumps any moral or ethical considerations for Al Gore .

Who could forget Al Jazeera’s claim that no Jews were killed on 9/11 because Jews working there were warned in advance that the World Trade Center would be destroyed.

Amazingly, polls show that most Jews still love him. The Progressives still adore him. The “save the planet ” people still would vote for him. But don’t think Catholics are off the hook either. Al Gore still insists that Catholics must be forced to violate their religious core values and beliefs by having to provide and pay for abortion in the Affordable Care Act. This being said, well over 60% of the catholic voters still voted for him.

I can’t explain this insanity.