The Kiss of the Month Goes to the Dalai Lama

The winner of the Kiss of the Month goes to the Dalai Lama, a great and holy man, who prays for his people as they are slaughtered by Chinese communists. His people live in constant terror.

How could this genocide not be eligible for humanitarian intervention?

Instead of a kiss, I will pray for him and the good and gentle people of Tibet.

Click here for the story of the genocide of the Tibetan People

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Sara Noble

Sara Noble

Sara Noble, B.A. English Literature, St. John's University; M.S. Education, M.A. Administration, Hofstra University. World traveler. Worked with children as a teacher and school administrator for three decades. Published in educational journals, children's mystery magazines, and was an editor at This Week Magazine. I am devoted to an America that promotes free enterprise and ingenuity, values the Constitution as intended, and does not encourage a nanny state under the casuistic banner of "the common good".