The Mafia Is Going By A Different Name These Days – THE UNION!

John Spiegelhoff, Union Thug

The corruption and abuse of and by union leaders is beyond-the-pale under this administration. We are in the Chicago politics era. It’s still the Mafia, they just use a different name and more successfully pretend they are something they are not.

No better example exists than the case of John Spiegelhoff and Pam Galloway. Pam Galloway is the state senator who is resigning and leaving Governor Walker without a majority. She said she was leaving because of the illnesses of two family members, however, media trackers has found threatening emails from obsessed union leader, John Spiegelhoff.

His emails should put him in jail, but they won’t because the administration is okay with this behavior as we have repeatedly seen. Hopefully, his emails will at least put him in court.

John Spiegelhoff sued an 86 year old crossing guard because he felt the job should have gone to a union employee – that’s the kind of guy he is. He has continually sent emails to Galloway calling her a “pig” and telling her that they were coming for her.

E-mails sent to Media Trackers from a grassroots activist reveal Spiegelhoff regularly harassing Pam Galloway for various positions that she has adopted. In dozens of e-mails sent between May 2011 and February 2012, Spiegelhoff threatens, harasses, and attempts to intimidate Galloway while berating her for votes that she cast in the state Senate. An e-mail sent on August 2011 has Spiegelhoff calling Galloway a “pig” after she was a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Calling her service in the Senate “a reign of terror” and characterizing her work as “immoral,” Speigelhoff cast himself as a leader of the recall effort declaring “I am actively working against you.” Numerous e-mails contained threatening subject lines such as “we are coming for you,” and “here we come.” Another e-mail twice contained the threat, “stay home, Pam,” something that could be interpreted as chauvinistic.

In August and September of 2011, weeks before the recall petition period could begin for an attempted Galloway recall, Spiegelhoff adopted the line that Galloway should resign instead of face a recall attempt. “I wish elections were right now so you could be thrown out of office. Do the middle class a favor-resign,” one message concluded. “You overreached and you will pay the political price for it,” another intimidating message reads. The harassment concluded with Spiegelhoff demanding that Galloway “[r]epent and beg forgiveness.

Before entering politics in 2010, Galloway was a surgeon specializing in breast cancer care. Spiegelhoff implied in several e-mails that Galloway didn’t really care about women and was doing a disgrace to her medical profession by being a Republican. “[Y]ou are being used,” he ranted in mid-February of this year. “You sold your soul and disgraced the medical community,” he blasted after Galloway cast a vote he disagreed with . . .” Read more: Media Trackers

Spiegelhoff illegally signed a petition to recall her even though he doesn’t live in her district but was not held to account. He claimed ignorance, a quality of which he is greatly endowed.

Anyone who wants to call this thug who makes over $111,000 a year to abuse people can do so –

Give him a call at work: Phone: 715/722-4041
Toll Free: 800/949-6641

Wisconsin is fighting for its life as is the country!