Truly Alarming! Socialism Is Mainstream?



If Socialism is now mainstream, this country is in serious trouble.

Katrina Vander Heuvel, the editor, publisher and part-owner of the very far left magazine, The Nation, says Bernie Sanders call for free everything is “mainstream”. Mock him if you will, she says but his ideas have been “marginalized for too long”.

Her magazine loves the friends of Joseph Stalin, the mass murdering communist leader of Russia.

She is a Progressive but the differences between Socialists and Communists is hardly worth mentioning.

Vander Heuvel told The Stranger, “The issues he’s campaigning on are receiving more attention than ever in his life. He’s changed the public conversation for the better, he’s put long-neglected issues on the table, and he’s focused his campaign on serious problems and offered serious solutions.”

She hates Catholicism, the Pope, and free market Capitalism, she rages hysterically about the faux war on women in the U.S., she’s married to lefty professor Steven Cohen (an expert of the Soviet Union), and has friends in Moscow.  In the least, she is a Communist sympathizer.

During her college years in the sixties, she said she sometimes “felt like a Russian.”

A defining moment for Katrina vanden Heuvel came in May 2002 during one of her frequent appearances on MSNBC’s Hardball. After vanden Heuvel spoke about how she lived in Harlem and understood the poor, host Chris Matthews let his audience know that in fact she lived in a multimillion-dollar townhouse in a posh section of Morningside Heights.

In other words, she’s an extraordinary hypocrite.

She has been tied to George Soros, his son Jonathan and Communist Bill de Blasio. When Dr. Carson said he wanted to blow up tunnels that connect Mexico with the US and that are used for illegal immigration, she said he wanted to “blow up immigrants.” In other words, she’s a liar.

Tragically, and I do mean tragically, the Democrat Party is becoming Katrina Vander Heuvel, the woman Bill Krystal called the “crassest type of liberal” as he recalled a time when Democrats cared about other people.

This is what she said on CNN. First they played two clips of Carly Florin and John Kasich.

FIORINA: “What does it say about our country that a candidate who is a self-avowed socialist and who doesn’t think a 90 percent tax rate is too high could be the democratic nominee?”

KASICH: ‘Well if that is the case we’re going win every state if Bernie Sanders is a nominee. That is not even a issue. (Applause) And look…and I know…I can promise you he’s not going president of the United States.”
[clip ends]

She then went into a rabid defense of Bernie whose freebies would make government supreme and would add $18 trillion to the deficit in ten years.

HEUVEL: “They can mock Bernie Sanders but millions of people are meeting Bernie Sanders and are looking beyond the labels. Some of them say democratic socialism.”

COSTELLO: “But still, free college, some of the things he’s talking about.”

HEUVEL: “Carol, for too long the corporate media has policed the parameters of the possible. Bernie Sanders issues are majority issues. Medicare for all. Free college tuition. Increases social security. Raising the minimum wage. These are mainstream issues which are marginal.”

COSTELLO: “[indecipherable] Enormous amount of money.”

HEUVEL: “And so does the military industrial complex. So does big pharmaceutical. We can find the money. Tax Wall Street to rebuild main street. That is one of Bernie Sanders idea. I think we have to open our imagination. The country has too many challenges to limit it. And so Bernie Sanders the nation endorses his issues and ideas are ones that are marginalized for too long that are in sync with the nation.”

The leftists always go to the military to justify outrageous spending because it’s popular. I don’t want to pay for other people to go to college. People who don’t earn their way, don’t appreciate a thing. They should pay for it themselves. We should only be helping those in need.

What do you say?

Watch the exchange:


  1. “If capitalism voluntarily surrenders its ownership and means of production to the State or to the workers, unemployment and poverty will be abolished.” INTOXICATING words make perverse ideas popular, but words do not change truth. Socialism is the outright transfer of power from the individual to the State. In other words—SLAVERY!!!

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