The National Defense Authorization Act & Suspected Terrorists Who Store Food

Rand Paul, Constitutional Conservative

I have linked a video in which Rand Paul, an opponent of Bill S-1867, brings up some interesting points about this bill, The National Defense Authorization Act. I didn’t realize that there are laws on the books that consider people “possible” terrorists if they are missing fingers on their hands,*  have food stored that accumulates to more than a seven day supply, who have guns and/or weather-proofed ammo. While these could be part of the FBI’s profiling lists to be taken in a much broader context, Rand Paul’s concern is worth serious consideration.

I do know that there are ridiculous laws on books from as far back as the 1700’s, which have never been expunged, though they have long outlived their original purpose. There is no one assigned to go through these laws to remove them. Sometimes a case comes up in court that highlights one of these dated laws.

The question brought up in the video is whether or not this act, The National Defense Authorization Act, Bill S-1867, can lead to the arrest of people suspected of being terrorists for indefinite detention without habeas corpus, if they store food or are missing fingers since there are such laws already on the books.

There is an apocryphal story out about a recent raid on a Mormon storage facility  in Tennessee in which government agents allegedly demanded customer bills and lists of the people who are storing food at the facility. The story came through the Oathkeepers, who are normally accurate. Without being vetted, it then passed on to the inaccurate, Alex Jones, and now it is all over the Internet. The story is untrue.

* This often happens in prisons to those suspected of pilfering