The National ID Card Is Back


The idea of a National ID Card was pushed by Bush and defeated by the states.

It’s back thanks to Senators Lyndsay Graham and Charles Schumer who want to help states comply with a request by the Department of Homeland Security for a National ID.  The ID’s would be “high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security cards” and they would be required for all employees in the United States. The Rutherford Institute is fighting it.

The real win here is the case will be made for all illegals to be given full amnesty because they won’t be able to work.

The problem I see is won’t this discourage people from working? Especially minorities? Won’t it be impossible for too many to acquire? Won’t it disenfranchise minorities?

Can’t they put a photo on it and let us use it for voting?

I’m going to need a fatter wallet for all the cards and ID’s I have to carry.

We need ID’s for most everything and now we will need them to be employed, but we can still vote without any ID.