The NFL is Following Dems Suicidal Playbook-Dissing Their Own Base


The National Football League has really made an awful mess. It has put itself in the virtually impossible position of having to defend players for not standing during the National Anthem.

It’s absolutely mind boggling to look back and see how they’ve gotten here. Something begun with a woefully uninformed athlete, (never even registered to vote) kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner while sporting socks featuring police as pigs, has sparked other lemming like protests, and greatly angered the hard working paying customers who’ve made these guys millionaires.

Perhaps one of the most powerful examples of player ignorance was on display in London where many Ravens and Jaguars took a knee. Guess all those sideline scholars that knelt for our National Anthem but stood for God Save the Queen must have missed the high school or college courses that covered the history of the British Empire. The Brits conquered and brutally subjugated people of color all across the globe, and introduced the slave trade into the 13 Colonies. I’ll bet many fans who weren’t constantly given “get out of class free cards” could have educated these geniuses on that ugly, British legacy.

Another bit of hypocrisy can be easily found by asking a simple question. Where were all the players and owners howling about 1st Amendment rights when the NFL aggressively squashed the following expressions of free speech: 1) The Cowboys being denied a request to wear decals honoring the police officers assassinated in Dallas. 2) RG III made to wear a T-shirt praising Jesus inside out before a press conference. 3) Linebacker Avery Williamson stopped from honoring the victims of 911 with special footwear. It doesn’t take much for diehards following the sport to recall those clearly patriotic demonstrations being shut down. And now they’re damned mad watching what they feel are anti-American protests being encouraged by the same power structure.

Ratings have drifted down. Stadiums, once packed show, in some cases, many empty seats. The New England Patriots were booed at home, and told to “stand up” when some knelt during our Anthem. Pittsburg Steeler fans are burning their jerseys! The latter two mentioned may have some of the most dedicated aficionados in the nation.   Scenes like this are being repeated all across the country.

The National Football League has made a huge mistake by taking what has been an extraordinarily loyal fan base for granted. It appears they’re set on following the disastrous “action plan” implemented by the Democrat Party, which spent years mistreating their most ardent supporters with the assumption they’d never bolt the fold.   But bolt they did, costing Dems 1,000 seats lost at all levels of government, including the presidency.

If the NFL thinks, given the outrageous cost of a tickets, food, parking, and team paraphernalia, that hard working, middle class supporters want to watch a bunch of millionaires protest what their devoted, passionate fans see as a beloved symbol and song, they’re whistling past a fiscal graveyard. It took a relatively long time for the Democrats to pay dearly for disrespecting their own base. If the footballers are either too arrogant or too stupid to trash that suicidal playbook, their bill will come due much, much more quickly.

A “silent majority” of Americans have run out patience with elitists of all stripes dissing them. The National Football League ignores this rapidly growing sentiment at its own great peril.


  1. The Hell with these ungrateful, overpaid, simpleminded NFL thugs. I was a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan since they were led by “America’s Quarterback” – Navy vet Roger Staubach. Now I’ve cancelled my NFL Ticket that I had for 20 years and will no longer attend any games. Next comes warning to and ultimately a boycott of, their sponsors. Many have died to protect these morons’ right to protest. While the Constitution guarantees government shall not infringe on their God-given right to freedom of speech, nowhere is anyone guaranteed freedom from the consequences of that protected speech.
    Pretty soon the NFL will stand for NO FANS LEFT

  2. Amazing hypocrisy. You couldn’t have laid it out better. It rings true that the NFL hierarchy placates, possibly out of fear and of being ‘political incorrect’, their misguided children’ players. The NFL’s fears should now be their bottom line. All kinds of rebuffs are hitting the political fan. Louisiana House Representative Kenny Havard wants to pull funding from the N.O. Saints.…/news/louisiana-lawmaker-uses-saints-anthem-protest-to-t… Spectators asking for and….getting refunds.

    • The NFL is paralyzed to do anything. They are scared of the player’s walking out. They are scared of left wing municipal and state politicians pulling their funding. They have been less afraid of the fans since they have a monopoly. The NFL leaders are cowards. So the NFL takes no action against the protests.

  3. How far is this country going to go down the sewer of anti-patriotism? Every day it seems to get worse… removing historical statues, changing names of landmarks, burning our flag, denigrating our founding fathers, violence running amok, police being shot down, and more; and now we have professional athletes refusing to stand for our national anthem to honor our flag and refusing to be honored at the White House when invited!! How do our troops in war zones feel when they see and hear this sad display from afar while fighting for our freedom, which gives these morons the right to protest in the first place? These pro athletes are making multi-millions of dollars because of this country they are choosing to denigrate… I would recommend that they actually take some positive steps and actually try to help improve the lives of our poorer citizens…. the first step should be to set a good, positive example for others to follow… and to stop the negative activity…

  4. If you love your country MORE than you love this, essentially, violent version of a game of catch, there is one way and one way ONLY to deal with the National Felony League: KICK THEM IN THE WALLET!

    Don’t go to their games, don’t watch their games on TV, boycott their sponsors, don’t buy their merchandise and SHUN BOTH THE MORON PLAYERS and THE GUTLESS OWNERS as the pretentious, self-obsessed, un-patriotic, un-American pariahs they are.

    The FANS need to face up to their own responsibility for tolerating the disgraceful antics… and often VIOLENT ACTIONS… committed by the players and STOP SUPPORTING THESE SPOILED MILLIONAIRES.

    By the way… how come there are SO FEW ASIAN FOOTBALL PLAYERS in the NFL? Is it….

  5. Ever since sports teams held player protests, I have lost interest in watching games. They are paid quiet well to be showman and to share their talents on their field of play. Sorry guys, personal beliefs are good off the field…we USE to watch you play your sport, not to preach to us your views. It is true that respect is no longer an issue with any Hollywood like individuals.

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