The NLRB Might As Well Be the NLRB Union

The NLRB Is Looking to Force Unionization on Valley Stream Store

A court overturned the NLRB  rules two weeks ago [see original story below]. That case is being appealed.

The NLRB is an arm of the unions and is being encouraged in this role by the Obama administration. The NLRB is attempting to force unionization on private businesses.

Our local Target store employees, in Valley Stream, NY,  voted against unionization a couple months ago. The union lost and began harassing employees and employers. They also took it back to the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB ruled, unsurprisingly, that the election must be held again.

The NLRB might as well be called the NLRB Union. There is nothing objective about them.

Original Story: 11/21/11: The NLRB has planned a November 30th vote on a proposal to speed up union-organizing elections. In other words, unions will be allowed to bully their way into all non-union workplaces with a new rule that gives employers no time to dissent. The NLRB claims, according to the WSJ, that it is scaled back, but, and that’s a big “but,” they haven’t said what they are proposing.

Another day in the life of the transparent Obama administration.

Craig Becker, the lead on this, is a committed Socialist, and was appointed by Obama during the recess last year.

Mr. Hayes, the lone Republican, spelled out his concerns in a letter to Rep. John Kline, the chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce. Mr. Hayes was told that if he didn’t agree with the plan he wouldn’t be allowed the time to file a dissent before the rule was approved and published. Do you believe this garbage?

If you are not aware of the new NLRB rule, you should know that it is unnecessary and runs counter to tradition. If you want to know more about this rule, click here – ambush elections