The NLRB’s License To Wreak Havoc On Business



We now have the Boeing case heating up and we have the latest ruling eliminating the secret ballot, but we mustn’t forget all the “small” things the NLRB is doing to damage businesses, Chicago style.

Another NLRB ruling to wreak havoc on the workplace: The National Labor Relations Board issued a final rule in August requiring employers to post notices advising employees of their rights to unionize. The new rule, which goes into effect Nov. 14, faced much opposition from businesses that argued that current rules suffice and the board lacks the authority to create such a rule.

The NLRB said it was issuing the final rule requiring the posting of notices because it believes that in many cases employees do not know about their rights to unionize under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). “The Board believes that many employees protected by the NLRA are unaware of their rights under the statute and that the rule will increase knowledge of the NLRA among employees, in order to better enable the exercise of rights under the statute,” noted the NRLB in its final rule.

So every time an employee has a petty complaint with an employer, they can go to the NLRB.

In addition, Lafe Solomon, General Counsel for the NLRB, has been battering companies with “claims” of union busting and illegal firings. He’s a Tsunami on American business. He is the union thug with a law degree.

Obama and his NLRB are anti-business and pro-union. Lafe Solomon is a business-busting union thug who is refusing to abide by Congressional subpoenas. Yet another Obama administration official who ignores Congress. Issa has issued subpoenas in the Boeing case. Issa asked Solomon to hand over all NLRB’s documents, internal memos and investigation notes relating to the Boeing case, but the NLRB only handed over some of the documents.

The NLRB is using the leftist majority (the leader, Craig Becker, is a socialist) to bang through union mandates to empower them, even though they are lead by democratic socialists such as Trumka. I have no problem with the workers, just the leaders. We love workers, but not the statist thugs who are leading them down the path to Hell.