The Obamas are Out of Town


o in China

by Gary Spina

It’s always nice to have the Obamas out of town – Michelle on vacation in China and Barrack in Europe making a mockery of America. At least we get some relief from the Obamas, if only spatially — but it is costly for sure. You can research the cost, I’m not going to bother – not at this point. All I know is Michelle booked rooms at the most expensive hotel in Peking or some such place at the tune of $8,000 a night per room for her and the kids, her mother, and about 70 other people. Barrack took about 900 people with him. Can that be right? I’m hoping I’m wrong about that, but you do the research. It’s all our taxpayer money, the bulk of the cost, and I feel too beat up to dwell much on it.

But that, of course, is the idea. We the People get battered down, mired down, and inured to the abuses of our leaders in Washington. They, in turn, take a tacit attitude of elitism, comfortable in the assumption that they are, indeed entitled to rule, and that it is their prerogative to require us to do what fits into their ideology of a utopian world order. They have the wherewithal, I’m sure — and for sure, they obviously have a lot on their shoulders. After all, they are burdened by us.

So, we drive the cars they make us drive, buy the health insurance they legislate for us, burn the fuels they tell us to burn, light our homes with the light bulbs they say we must use, flush our toilets with the water tanks they have determined are all we need to flush down own waste. It’s getting more and more difficult to jump through their hoops, but We the People always aim to please.

The Obamas are the elite and by very definition, the elite lord over the common man. It is their due. And I suppose it is for us to warmly await their return, to welcome them home – back to what used to be America.