The Olympic Committee Will Not Give A Moment of Silence to Honor the 40 Year Anniversary of the Munich Massacre

Murdered Hostage Kehat Shorr

The Olympic Committee refuses to hold any type of Memorial for the Israeli athletes captured and massacred by Arab terrorists 40 years ago despite calls to do so from many, including President Obama. Even a moment of silence has been rejected by the IOC.

IOC President Jacques Rogge won’t do it. He feels the opening ceremony is not the place for such a tragic event. [HuffPo] Is that really the reason?

NBC’s Bob Costos, an authoritative voice in the world of sports, said he will talk about the Munich Massacre in his speech in opposition to the actions of the IOC. He has the full support of Dick Ebersol. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Munich massacre is an informal name for events that occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics in MunichBavaria in southern West Germany, when members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed by the Palestinian group Black September.[Wiki]

Families of at least two of the murdered athletes have asked for a moment of silence or a mention of their names.

Israel National News: …”‘We want the International Olympic Committee … with all 10,000 young athletes in front of them, to say, ‘Let us not forget what happened in Munich’. (We want this) only for one reason, so it will never happen again,” said Ankie Spitzer, whose husband, Andre, was one of the 11 Israelis killed.

She said the IOC did not want to enrage Arab countries by mentioning the tragedy at high profile events.

“They tell us that the Arab delegations will get up and leave, to which I said: ‘It’s okay; if they don’t understand what the Olympics are all about, let them leave,’ Spitzer said…”

The IOC participates in other memorials but their fears and undue deference to the Arabs has them ignoring the worst massacre in Olympic history. Interestingly, the IOC membership includes socialists and communists.

Is this what we do now? Cower out of fear? It is tragic to see what has become of the Olympics. The security now needed is appalling.

The Olympics are supposed to represent brotherhood ironically. The IOC could send a message of strength and brotherhood but they will not.

In all these years, the IOC has refused to honor these tragic and innocent victims. Please click here to sign the petition for a memorial

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Israel torch lighting ceremony in 1972 –

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List of fatalities

Shot during the initial break-in
Shot and killed by grenade in helicopter D-HAQO
D-HAQO was the eastern helicopter.
According to the order in which they were seated, from left to right:
Shot in helicopter D-HAQU
D-HAQU was the western helicopter.
According to the order in which they were seated, from left to right:
Shot on airstrip
  • Anton Fliegerbauer (German police officer)
Palestinians shot dead by German police
  • Luttif Afif (Issa)
  • Yusuf Nazzal (Tony)
  • Afif Ahmed Hamid (Paolo)
  • Khalid Jawad (Salah)
  • Ahmed Chic Thaa (Abu Halla)