The OWS Have It Wrong – Obama Is Wall Street’s Main Man

The Problem Isn't the NYSE, It's Obama

Obama is bought and paid for by Wall Street, and that is the most ironic fact of all. Reuters is reporting that Obama has received more cash from Wall Street than he did in his last campaign, and a third of his big backers are executives in the financial world. He has received far more than any Republican. In 2008, 20% of his funds were collected from the financial sector. This information was released by the Center for Responsive Politics. However, the OWS love him. How do you figure?

The media loves these violent, drugged out sex machines with the crazy signs threatening to end life as we know it who now call themselves OWS. The media had no less than 15 trucks to cover them on Columbus Day, and most reports painted an unrealistically positive picture of what was going on. They sure didn’t cover the Tea Party.

Then there is the endless parade of celebrities going to Wall Street to support the astroturf protesters.

There is very rich Michael Moore who is so proud of them. Professor Cornell West, not a poor man, was there (would you want to spend $50,000 a year to have your child educated by him?). Well-heeled Charlie “Don’t Pay My Taxes” Rangel has gone in support. Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton did his radio show from there on Columbus Day.

Susan Sarandon, rich Susan Sarandon, who goes there on a regular basis, said,  “I think this is what democracy looks like…this is what America is…this is what democracy is.” Democracy in the 60’s was interchangeable with the word “socialism,” and that is how the OWS mean the word “democracy.”

Yoko, very, very rich Yoko, a 1%er, tweeted,  “I love #OccupyWallStreet As John said, “One hero cannot do it. Each one of us have to be heroes.” And you are. Thank you. love, yoko”

On Columbus Day, I didn’t hear the anti-semitism that I heard on my two previous visits. On those visits, they complained about Jewish bankers and Zionists, in the nastiest way possible. However, very rich, anti-semite Muslim Kanye West, who replaced his bottom front teeth with diamonds, likes hanging out with the OWS. Ironically, Kanye is the 1% with his $70 million fortune.


It doesn’t really matter what the OWS think. They are merely being used by their backers, Code Pink, Soros, Michael Moore et al – it’s all in the video