The Republicans Are Incumbents-Who Knew?

When Things Go Awry, Blame The Republicans

Timmy Geithner said the Republicans must take the blame if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Liberal reporters have also given voice to the new slogan, “Blame the Republicans.” The Democrats have ruled Congress since 2006 and they took the Presidency in 2008 so it makes me wonder how stupid they think we are.

The Republicans only recently took the House – they can’t pass anything and can’t stop much either. President Obama circumvents Congress on a regular basis with the use of Executive Orders and government agency rules. Eric Cantor recently stormed out of a budget meeting as Democrats continued to demand higher taxes and more Stimulus spending as part of the deal to raise the debt ceiling.

During CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Nancy Pelosi made her contribution to the new “blame the Republicans” campaign which kicked off in the last few weeks. Here is the latest Pelosi parodoxism spewed on Sunday:

CANDY CROWLEY: I can’t let you get away without a political question. But I put the David Axelrod last week in a slightly different form. And that is, can Democrats in the House gain seats in the 2012 election if the unemployment rate is 9 percent?

PELOSI: We — we expect to have a full debate about all of the issues that affect the American people. We are about the kitchen table, and what are the issues -– the jobs, the education of their children, the security of their pension, and their homes, and the rest of that.

It is very hard historically it is –- you can see the charge. When the jobs are –- the unemployment rate is high, it’s hard for the incumbent to win. I remind you, though, we’re not the incumbent. The Republicans are the incumbents.

Okay, if they are the incumbents, let’s stop spending and cut taxes – oh, we can’t? I guess they are not the incumbents.