The Socialist in Gracie Mansion


Do you remember the hookers on 42nd street, the squeegee-men on every corner, the skyrocketing crime rate, businesses leaving in droves, and the impending NYC bankruptcy? Twenty-five years ago, it was much too dangerous to go north of 86th street or west of 7th Ave. Traveling to Brooklyn or the Bronx was out of the question. The garbage  strike and all those car break-ins and stolen car-radios seem like ages ago.

It took Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg twenty years to turn our city around. Under Giuliani/Bloomberg, crime was drastically reduced, even in neighborhoods like Harlem and the South Bronx. Businesses and their accompanying jobs returned, neighborhoods were rejuvenated and, yes, we finally had a balanced budget. Our schools are safe again, international tourism returned and a safe, clean subway system has been reinvented. Even 9/11 and the financial meltdown didn’t stop this incredible city.

How could we have elected someone like Bill De Blasio? The answer is simple. sixty percent of all New Yorkers voted instinctively Democratic and if the candidate is a radical, left-wing progressive, that’s all the better.

Why do I fear this new mayor? Most Americans ignored Barack Obama’s lack of experience, his radical socialism and his secretive past. New York City may have made the same mistake with Bill De Blasio.


Did you know that De Blasio supported and worked for the Sandinista government in Nicaragua – amazing, isn’t it?? His work experience was limited to being a regional director of HUD, working for several non-profits, a “political organizer” in Maryland, working for the Clintons and Mayor Dinkins, a NYC Councilman from Brooklyn, and most recently, the New York City Public Advocate. He has no private sector or executive experience at all. How could we have even considered this lightweight for the second most important job in America? Oh I forgot. He’s a liberal Democrat!

Here are some of our new mayor’s campaign promises (please sit down before you read them) : income redistribution (accomplished by raising our taxes again!), more low income housing, full time Pre K and expanded after-school programs (again, all funded by tax increases or by a commuter tax), a citywide minimum wage, amazingly giving public housing residents a say in housing policy, and involving local community boards, non-profits, and the academic community in all decisions (welcome ACORN).

To a progressive, it doesn’t matter how much it will cost, or if the program actually works. It just “feels” so good! He is also opposed to the extremely successful charter-school program. He  favors amnesty for illegal immigrants and is pro choice (even third trimester abortions). He is also for gay marriage, against school vouchers, against all private gun ownership, and he vows to end “stop and frisk”. He wants much more “affordable” housing, and will try to find homes for the homeless in every neighborhood. Hope all you liberal upper east side residents who voted for him, actually heard that one?

If that isn’t bad enough, wait until you get a look at his transition team. You won’t believe it! It includes: George Gresham, President of local 1199 , Sharon Kleinbaum, “partner” of Teachers- union president, Randi Weingartenm, Karen Brooks-Hopkins, President of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Cynthia Nixon. That’s right! The star of Sex And The City!

There is no way that this group will ever stand up to the unions during contract negotiations. They ARE the unions! Now you see why every union  decided two years ago to wait for a better deal from the next administration! Can you blame them?

According to Mayor-elect De Blasio, corporations, religion and the police are the problem, not the solution.

I fully expect to wake up one morning and find an immoral, bankrupt, third world city, compliments of Mayor William De Blasio and his friends.

I am a life-long New Yorker and educated in the New York City public school system. I attended Stuyvesant High School, Queens College and NYU Dental School. With a socialist at the helm, I truly worry about the future of my beloved city.