The Tarnish on MLK’s Sterling Dream



50 years ago on August 28th Martin Luther King Jr made history with his “I have a Dream” speech

I read these “thrill-kill” stories with horror and disbelief.  Kids say they are bored, with nothing better to do than put a bullet into a stranger’s head for the fun of it. Two other teens beat a World War II Veteran to death, “just because”.

Here was a man who fought on foreign land so that others could live free from oppression and these two punks don’t even see the value of one of our country’s greatest national treasures – one of our troops.

Unfortunately, the ones doing the killing are black men, but honestly I don’t put the blame on them.

I blame the so-called leaders like Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton, both of whom are morally corrupt opportunists who have spent decades brainwashing black youths into believing that being a “failure” is acceptable behavior.

They convey the message that is ok to drop out of school, bear children at a young age, rob, kill and raise hell just because of the color of their skin.  Many black men view going to jail as part of their culture, as a right of passage, and I blame black leaders for allowing this craziness to be perpetrated throughout black communities.

Martin Luther King Jr fought for equal rights through non-violent tactics and was victorious!  It is a disgrace that people like the Reverends Al and Jesse fuel the fire of racism, when none exists.

Instead of telling these black men to go out and get a job, they are brainwashed into believing that they have a right to depend on society to care for them and then hate them for it.  They are taught to hate the “MAN” and that the “MAN” is the reason for all their problems.

The reason for all their problems are not from the so-called “man” but from their own parents who failed to properly raise them and from so-called leaders who are nothing more than predators who prey on children that come from broken homes, poverty and the inner city.

These predators twist impressionable minds into believing that they have no self-worth and that going to jail is the only ‘goal” in their life.

One may question why would the Reverends Al and Jesse do such terrible things to their own people?

Because of the money, fame and fortune they gain on the backs of their people.  Simply disgraceful!

Jesse Jackson’s own son is now in jail. He even failed his own son.  Is this the type of person we want as a leader?  I don’t think so.

Colonial Allen West is a stellar black man and a former US Congressman. I always wonder why the Reverends Jesse and Al wouldn’t ever point to this man as someone for black men to emulate?

I  know, that is a stupid question!

Just like Martin Luther King Jr, I, too am an activist and my fight is against high taxes.  I understand the commitment and dedication it takes to go against the “Status Quo”.

He took the Civil Rights movement to the streets and fought hard for what he believed in and the majority of the people have benefitted greatly from what he accomplished for the black people. He is a hero to many and he deserves to be honored and remembered, unlike the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

They should be in jail today instead of all the black men who believed in them when they were told that living a life of crime was the only option available to them because of the “color of their skin”.

I think Martin Luther King Jr. would be rolling over in his grave today to see what has been a deliberate attempt to purposely destroy a segment of black America by so-called black leaders.

WWII vet Delbert Belton and Australian Chris Lane both were killed this week by black men who believed in the wrong messengers preaching the wrong message.

At the end of the day, these men made poor decisions and they should go to jail for killing innocent people but Rev Al and Rev Jesse should be their cellmates, as accessories to the crimes.