The Three Most Ridiculous Democrat Debate Answers of the Night


We picked a statement from each candidate that we thought merited recognition as worst answer of the night though there were many to choose from and there were other choices on a par with these.


The first concerns Hillary who can’t keep her story straight from one hour to the next.

At the beginning of the debate, Hillary clearly stated that 9/11 was the reason she accepted so many Wall Street donations, but when a person tweeted that it was the first time they heard a candidate use 9/11 to justify taking huge campaign donations from Wall Street, she was sorry the person took it that way, suggesting the person misunderstood what she clearly said.

A runner-up answer was when she said she proved her credibility on the emails during her “11 hours of testimony” during the Benghazi hearings. Benghazi WASN’T about EMAILS!


Bernie’s entire debate sounded like a rehash of The Communist Manifesto!

One ridiculous thing he said was that global warming was a more dangerous threat than terrorism but we decided against choosing that one because everyone will be talking about that.

Bernie Sanders is a sport though. He won’t tax the rich 100%, he’s only going for something under 90%. That’s reasonable. If you’re going to steal from prosperous people, make it grand, grand theft.

The Eisenhower ruse needs to stop.

The American Enterprise Institute had a good answer on that back in June. They explained that very few taxpayers qualified for those top marginal rates back then. And the effective rates for those who did were considerably lower due to various tax breaks and loopholes. In fact, average tax rates for the richest Americans were not much different in the 1950s than in the 2000s.

bernie sanders crazy

It’s also important the note that the left would like to combine very high tax rates with an elimination of many tax breaks and loopholes, raising effective tax rates to levels never before seen in the United States or anywhere else.

Sanders is likely clueless on what the long-term impact of high tax rates will do to business and new ideas.

As AEI’s Ed Conard has explained: The United States was prosperous for a unique set of reasons that are impossible to duplicate today, including a decade-long depression, the destruction of the rest of the world’s infrastructure, a failure of potential foreign competitors to educate their people, and a highly restricted supply of labor.


Lastly, O’Malley, who is the gift that keeps on giving, doesn’t answer questions and when he does, the answers are useless because they say absolutely nothing. There’s something wrong with him. His affect is strange, not that Bernie’s is normal.

Check this one out.

O’Malley’s non-answer was idiotic


  1. just curious, did anybody do as he said and “fact checked” him on his comment that there were no illegals from Mexico crossing the border?

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