The true measure of a man is who he is in times of trouble…


The following videos share stories of the man who people feel they can’t get a handle on.

They are not stories spewing from a self-serving politician who talks sympathetically from some far-off place about the problems of others.

These are the stories of real people who found some relief in a tragedy because of the kindness of Mitt Romney and his family.

People who feel they don’t know who Mitt Romney is should consider that the answer can be found in how he has led his life.

There are many other stories just like the ones that follow which reveal the generous & caring nature of Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney spent two-and-a-half years of his young life doing missionary work. How many of us would do that or have done that?

Harry Reid, with his customary pettiness, railed against Mitt Romney for traveling to Louisiana with his wife today. Reid falsely claimed that Romney’s policies would leave the people in Louisiana without help. Right, I’m sure Romney would leave the people of Louisiana without help. Aside from the vapidness of that insult, should Mitt Romney be uncaring and not go to Louisiana? If you listened to the stories in this video, you know that is not who Mitt Romney is.

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