The U.N. Wants to Give Mt. Rushmore to the Indians



This whole going global and ceding sovereignty to the U.N. is working so well. The U.N. now thinks they have the right to tell us to give the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore back to the Indians. Why don’t we give UNESCO to the Indians instead? How about Ban Ki Moon’s country?

Should we give Manhattan Island back, how about the entire country?

The Indians were treated horribly and we should do what we can to better their lives but we cannot return the country. Indians are Americans. We are all Americans now and the U.N. seeks to divide us as a country with this statement.

The U.N. is now brazen enough to tell us what to do with our land. If we pass the Law of the Sea treaty in June, we will subject our country to U.N. domination should we decide to go to war. The U.N. will tell us if we can go to war or not and if we don’t abide by their demands, our leaders and soldiers could be tried and jailed or worse by a U.N. court.

The Law of the Sea Treaty would cede sovereignty over our seas to the U.N.

There are other treaties in the works which will turn over 25% of our natural resources to the Marxist U.N. for redistribution and subject us to the banning of small arms. Obama is clearly in support of these treaties.

We must stop Obama from catering to the U.N., an organization clearly opposed to our success as a nation.

Unsurprisingly, Obama’s people met with the U.N. official on this issue.

Daily Mail: UN human rights official is urging the U.S. to turn over control of lands considered to be sacred to Native Americans, including the site of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, unveiled his recommendations in Geneva on Friday after completing a 12-day visit to the U.S. where he met with representatives of indigenous peoples in six states.

The fact-finder also had a chance to meet members of the Obama administration and briefed the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, but no member of Congress agreed to meet with him…Keep reading