The U.S. Is Borrowing Money From People Who Eat Dead Baby Pills

Dead Babies Chopped Up Into Pills

One needn’t take a giant step to go from murdering babies to eating them, just ask the Chinese.

The Chinese, our good BFF’s, are using the flesh of dead babies in their pills.

Thousands of pills from China have been seized by Korean customs and the pills are comprised of the meat of dead human fetuses – babies. The pills are to allegedly boost energy and sexual performance. The pills are actually filled with a super bacteria which is dangerous.

Asia News:…Seoul (AsiaNews) – South Korean customs officers have stopped the trafficking in pills containing the dehydrated meat of fetuses or dead infants, considered to be a “super cure”. The customs service had already discovered the traffic last August: from then until now at least 17,451 pills have been marketed.

The pills, sourced from northern China, are made of the flesh of dead babies or fetuses that were cut into pieces, dried in special kilns and then pulverized and mixed with herbs to hide their contents. The San Francisco Times says that a test performed on the powder has established that these pills are composed of 99.7% of human flesh. The tests also managed to trace the DNA and sex of children from which the organic matter was made.

According to Korean journalists, who have investigated this trade, Chinese hospitals sell dead babies and aborted fetuses to the Chinese pharmaceutical companies to prepare the pills, believed to boost energy levels for sexual performances…Read further

Read about the cooked babies by clicking here.

In this video, go to Joe “Eugenics” Biden’s comment at 3:50 in which he mentions the Chinese policy of one child per family … he says he understands it a…he is not second guessing it. The rest of his speech is his usual empty verbiage.

The case of Ghen Guangcheng, which is still in limbo, accentuates the plight of anyone who speaks out against the baby murdering policies as he did. The woman who drove Chen to the hospital was jailed. She is free but once Clinton leaves, who knows.

People who bring others to the hospital are often in trouble. The Chinese have universal healthcare they can’t afford so they don’t want patients. Bringing someone to the hospital is an offense that could put a charitable person in prison. Often people who are ill are left by the side of the road. In this Good Samaritan’s case, she also picked up a dissident. She’s in trouble. Read here: Daily Mail

Look at what happens to abandoned babies. This one was somewhat lucky because he is a boy –

In this video, take a look at the type of person who manages the policy –

The Chinese are now putting a friendlier face to one child policies, you will be happy to know.

They used to advertise —

“If you don’t get sterilised, your house will be demolished”
“Kill all your family if you don’t follow the rule”
“If you escape (sterilisation), we’ll hunt you down”
“If you want to hang yourself, we’ll give you the rope”

Now they are going to change their advertising strategy to make the policy so inviting that the threats will not be necessary.

The Chinese have aborted over 200 million babies – that’s a lot of baby pills. Read here: Independent Sentinel

Read this one horrendous story, which is not unusual –

Talia A morning in the Chinese province of Hunan brings an unimaginable sight of cruelty and horror. Lying in the gutter of a bustling main road is the tiny, twisted body of a dead baby girl. She is naked, surrounded by only dirty pieces of hospital gauze. Buses and bicycles speed past the corpse, spraying it with mud.

Nameless and unwanted, the newborn’s been dumped by the roadside during winter. Few of the locals hurrying by give her a second glance. To them, she is just one of thousands of baby girls abandoned each year as a result of China’s ruthless one-child policy. “I think the baby had just died,” says a woman who was the only person to attempt to rescue the infant. “I touched her skin, and it was warm. Blood was still coming out of her nose.”

Under China’s strict family-planning laws, couples in urban areas are allowed only one child; couples in most rural regions can try for a second if their first-born is a girl. Those who have an illegal baby are subject to crippling fines, sterilization, and other severe penalties. To avoid punishment, many parents go to the desperate measure of deserting their illegal offspring.

If their child is a girl–considered less valuable than boys in rural, traditional parts of China, like Hunan–the chances of this heartbreaking fate are immeasurably higher.To the Chinese authorities, abandoned girls are merely worthless trash.

“I called the emergency services, but nobody came,” says the woman who found this latest little victim. (For fear of official reprisal, she wishes to remain anonymous.) “The baby was lying right near the government tax office, so many people in government just walked past.”

Eventually, an old man picked up the child, put her in a box, and dropped her in a garbage bin. When the police finally arrived, they showed no interest in investigating her death. They instead arrested the woman who’d tried to save her. “I took some photographs, because it was so terrible; the police were more worried about my pictures than the baby,” she says. The police only released the woman once she handed over her film…Talia

This is what happens if a family violates the law –

I’m glad Joe Biden is so understanding. Is this where we are headed with these endless free abortions? Once we are desensitized to abortions and late-term abortions, what comes next? You know there is always a “next.”