The U.S. Is Funding/Arming the Brotherhood & Salafists in Egypt


Salafists - A Strong Presence At Today's Rally In Egypt

We are funding the new Egypt without knowing what their government will look like. Many in our media are applauding freedom for Egypt while our President is funding and arming them. Meanwhile, at a rally today in Tahrir Square, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists shouted down secularists and moderates in a barely peaceful rally.

Tens of thousands of Egyptian Islamists poured into Tahrir Square today calling for a new government ruled by Sharia law. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists believe that the secularists who started the revolution are ineffectual and unprepared, while they are the most prepared. One young accountant, Mohammed Awad, said, “It’s simple. We’re stronger than any other force in the country, and we’ve made that clear on this day.”

Maybe we should reconsider our financial support of Egypt which includes selling them weaponry? I’m just throwing it out there.

What I find most disturbing about the New York Times report is the following comment: After days of negotiations between the rival factions, the demonstration Friday had been billed as a show of national unity, but adherents to a spectrum of religious movements — from the most puritan and conservative, known as Salafists, to the comparatively more moderate Muslim Brotherhood — vastly outnumbered other voices in a sun-drenched Tahrir Square.

According to the Times, the Muslim Brotherhood comes up as moderate compared to Salafists and they both had a strong presence at this rally. Salafists admire al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood gave birth to al Qaeda. Salafists regard Hamas as too moderate and they espouse violence. These are the people we are funding. Read here: Islamists

In this video, you can hear the shouts of “Islamic.” One young secularist talks about leaving because of insults lodged at the women in their group. Others say that democracy demands that the majority rule and the majority is Islam.