The U.S. Is Using Unacceptable Methods of Torture – Ensureboarding


“No regrets.” ~ Jose Rodriguez

Lesley Stahl recently interviewed Jose Rodriguez, the CIA operative who waterboarded the 9/11 terrorists.

One of the more shocking means of torture, which was news to me, was Ensureboarding. The terrorists were told to drink Ensure. How heinous!

It is called food manipulation. Very frightening! Next, they will be making them drink Boost too. There were other tortures like interrupting their sleep, shoving water down their throats and slapping them. Of course, nothing reaches the level of forcing Ensure on these poor terrorists.

Lesley Stahl, a Pinot Noir stuffy type, had every reason to act with shock and horror when she said, “…what is…you mean Ensure…like the people in the hospital who drink that stuff…and dietary manipulations, this is Orwellian stuff, the United States doesn’t do that.”

Jose answered, “Well, we do.”

I know Ensure is filled with vitamins and nutrients, but, still, it’s so Orwellian. They should have force-fed them belly bomber burgers from a fast food restaurant – now that would be torture.

Jose went on to explain that the terrorists became healthier while there – they shipped in one of the finest doctors from Johns Hopkins.

I should note here that I knew a soldier who was assigned to GITMO and he said he would take the terrorists’ orders for burgers and ice cream. Still, aren’t we cruel?

Thank God we now just drop drones on their heads. I’m sure they are not tortured at all by that. So much less Orwellian.

Here is the shocked Lesley talking about her interview with Jose. She has nothing to say about the Obama-Biden drones but she is obviously appalled by the enhanced techniques which include this terrifying Ensure torture.

In the following video, Jose Rodriguez talks about Nancy Pelosi’s briefing about the waterboarding –

The left describes Jose Rodriguez, whom I regard as a hero, as a crazed sociopath and war criminal. I have not heard how it is better to drone-bomb them into oblivion but they say it is okay, so it must be so.