The U.S. Military Could Become a Terrorist Network Thanks to a New Amnesty Scheme


us military

Some members of Congress want to offer instant citizenship to illegal immigrants – that would include foreigners who have jumped visas – if they serve in the U.S. military, as if our military was just another job to be used as a bargaining chip.

Aside from the fact that it would be hard for foreigners to commit to our country with adequate knowledge of our nation’s principles and with the same fealty as a citizen, wouldn’t this be the perfect set up for terrorists who want to infiltrate our military?

It’s an open invitation.

Congressmen are trying to sneak this provision into the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes the budget for the Department of Defense.

The targets for now are the illegal immigrants who go by the innocuous name, DREAMers (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act).

While there is tremendous sympathy for people brought here illegally by their families through no fault of their own, it should be known that Chris Crane, President of the I.C.E. union, has said that numerous so-called DREAMers are falsely claiming that status without proper screening of their claims.

Obama’s lawless Deferred Action program granted legal status, work permits, and Social Security accounts to nearly any illegal alien up to age 31 and it’s largely based on an honor system.

This is simply another way to encourage illegal immigration. Amnesty-based immigration policy offers a shortcut to citizenship and encourages more illegal immigration.

Worse that than is the risk to our country’s security. How can we expect foreigners to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and abide by it? What if their own country is in our crosshairs? It’s an absurd concept. We are not saying it can’t be done or hasn’t been done, but the risks are too great in today’s circumstances.

President Obama has violated his oath of office and has repeatedly refused to enforce the immigration laws of our nation. He continually looks for ways to violate our sovereignty and encourage invaders. Now he wants to put us at risk of drafting terrorists.

Our open borders policy just took another turn for the worst, and that is what it is – an open borders policy.

In December of last year, President Obama declared a new policy aimed specifically at the illegal alien children, spouses, and parents of people who are currently serving or who have previously served in the U.S. military – he made them all legal. The reason given was to reduce stress on the servicemen and women.

However, the deal would take in former service people who are not under stress. It will include those who served very briefly or who have passed away.

The real problem with it is this: “USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) also is not prepared to deny an illegal alien amnesty even if the service member was discharged from the military under problematic circumstances. It does not appear that a servicemember’s dishonorable discharge for security reasons, violence, sexual assaults, or imprisonment, for example, would prevent USCIS from granting legal status to illegal aliens related to the service member,” according to the Center for Immigration Services.

Last year, the Obama administration began to recruit foreigners for immediate citizenship under the guise of needing their language or job skills.

All of this takes away from the military. It’s a privilege for Americans to serve their country. Our military is not an organization of mercenaries.

There is a complete lack of concern for the safety of the American people and the administration gets away with it by saying anyone who opposes it is a Nativist or a bigot when racism has nothing to do with our concern for our security and our desire to remain a sovereign nation.

There is also the issue of more people here illegally taking the place of U.S. citizens who want to serve, especially now that the military is being greatly downsized.

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