The U.S. Stimulus – Creating Jobs for Foreigners Again


Michigan needs Stimulus dollars and not too many people would refute that. Unfortunately, they aren’t getting them but Korean nationals are.

The companies receiving the $300 million stimulus money, LG Chem and Dow Kokam, are employing Korean workers to install the machinery, do electrical work, piping work, mill right work, and install the machines [sic] in this plant.” All this while the companies involved say the Koreans are doing specialized work. Do these jobs sound like only Korean craftsmen can do them?

CBS News: …The thing that was alarming to us was that there are people actually doing the work out there, installing the machinery, doing electrical work, piping work, mill right work, installing the machines in this plant,” Mangione said.

The unions wrote complaint letters to the Labor Department and the president, but got few answers. So they filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

In it, they asked for payroll records of LG Chem contractors performing construction work. The government’s response named 18 companies; at least 11 of them are Asian firms.

Energy Department officials say they’re confident all laws are being obeyed, but declined our interview request to talk about foreign workers on stimulus jobs. The companies pointed us to broad totals, saying stimulus money has indirectly helped create 2,000 temporary construction jobs and 300 full time jobs.

The unions say they’re grateful for jobs that have come to Michigan — they just wish all of them were filled by out of work Americans…Further Reading

Last October, Oregon Live reported that $7 million in stimulus for forest clean-up went to 254 foreign workers. They claimed they couldn’t find American workers. Meanwhile, the rural areas had unemployment at the time as high as 15%. They have had the third highest unemployment in the nation and their experienced workers were idle.

What about solar and wind, surely their stimulus money is going for U.S. workers? Not really, though foreign companies claim they do employ U.S. workers.

Facts are: most of the $2.3 billion spent on green manufacturing tax credits went to companies employing workers in China, South Korea and Spain – 80% of the jobs went to foreigners. Of the eleven top wind farm companies receiving ARRA grants, over 70 percent of the monies for turbines and blades went to overseas manufacturers. It’s a sad commentary that ARRA monies have created over 6,000 new jobs overseas while U.S. workers got only a few hundred new jobs. But as the Obama Administration unfolded its recovery plan, foreign nations and companies stepped up lobbying efforts to gain access to the ARRA bonanza, and the stats show they clearly won the day. Keep reading at Maritime Executive

There are other stories, many other stories, of our stimulus going to foreigners while citizens are left without work.