The U.S. Welfare State With Minorities the Biggest Victims


Obama is succeeding in his quest to redistribute the wealth – we are all becoming poorer, with small numbers of elite and a disappearing middle class. The U.S. is becoming a welfare state. Welfare/Aid programs were meant to provide temporary assistance to those in need and it is honorable that we attempt to take care of our neediest through various aid programs. Unfortunately, welfare has become a source of income for generations in some families.

Increases in welfare/food stamps are due in large part to the recession and high unemployment, but when does Obama get to assume some of the responsibility for these problems? This is the slowest recovery since the Great Depression and Obama has been President for over three years. He had a Democratically controlled Congress for two of the years. His policies did not succeed. The taxpayers is still on the hook for the bailouts and will be for at least another decade.

How much has Obama contributed to the problem of entitlements which has been on the rise since the 1960’s? [Blacks were refused access to AFDC benefits until the civil rights movement of the 1960’s even though the law was passed in 1935. The law had been aimed at White women with no regard for Black women.]

Direct payments – direct handouts have increased by 32% under Obama. By 2016, they will account for two-thirds of the budget, clearly unsustainable.

People receiving benefits (social security, worker comp, subsidized housing, etc.) – up 44% from 2007 with 49% living in households with at least one person living on government benefits. Social Security increases are partly due to the baby boomers now aging into the program.

Food stamps – up 45% under Obama

Disability – up 10% under Obama and this is directly tied to poor job prospects.

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Newt Gingrich was recently accused of racism when he referred to President Obama as the food stamp President. The reason for the accusation is because Blacks have been demeaned as the biggest recipients of welfare programs. While Whites receive more assistance according to government stats, Blacks and Hispanics do outnumber Whites proportionately. Minorities, especially Blacks, are also victims of circumstances that Whites have never had to experience.

Newt is not a racist and quoted the figures without any reference to race. He was merely stating facts.

There are many reasons for the disparity between Minority and White recipients. Discrimination, poverty and poor education are still prevalent among minorities. However, to be in denial about the disproportionate numbers helps no one. It is not racist to cite facts and look for answers to resolve the problems.

Families receiving TANF (TANF replaced AFDC) in 2008 were 31.5 % White, 34.2 % African-American, and 28 % Hispanic. Read here: NewPol

Blacks make up less than 12.6% of the population and are 34% of all recipients. Whites are over 72.4% of the total US population and are 31% of recipients. Hispanics are 16.3% of the general population and in the last decade have gone from 15% to 28% of recipients. Asians are equivalent to Whites. Asians and Whites fare better in ever worsening percentages for all races when looked at in proportion to their representation in the population.

Poverty rates among minority Blacks and Hispanics are much higher than Whites or Asians. Poverty among Hispanics is increasing, which is most concerning because they are also the fastest rising race/ethnic group, up 43% in ten years according to the 2010 census issued by the Census Bureau. Much of this is attributable to illegal immigration, but that is for another article.

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The following is an SSI Poverty Chart –