The United States Political Revolution

Watch For The Day of Rage Which Will Take Place Throughout The Country on September 17th

It is a revolution. There are no guns pointed at our heads. No armored tanks in the streets. But political revolutions are insidious that way.

The revolutionaries who hope to overturn our government are out in the open. They will rally throughout the country on September 17th and at the White House on October 6th. They will use class warfare, racial divisions, the environment, illegal immigration, the wars, and anything else they can come up with to blind us to their real intention, which is to create a totalitarian “paradise.” Read here: Take the pledge to make Freedom Plaza the U.S. Tahrir Square.

At least when Bill Ayres and his communists were blowing up buildings, one clearly saw the betrayal. He, as did others who share his ideology, have now switched tactics and chosen the path to gradual erosion of our society and government. They plan to replace our society with their “visionary” one of collectivism.

I didn’t conjure this up, Ayres has actually said it. Union leaders like Trumka, Representatives like Maxine Waters, and the other 69 members of Congress who are in the Democratic Socialist Party, have said it in one form or another by their actions or their words.

Where does President Obama stand in this revolution? I am not sure. I am sure that he is orchestrating a government that legislates with Executive Orders and government agency regulations, circumventing the legislative branch in direct opposition to the intent of our Constitution. He does it with the full support of The Center for American Progress, the Democratic Socialists, Socialist Party USA, Communist Party USA, et al.

Obama wants to rent out foreclosed homes and, on his watch, Fannie and Freddie now own most of the mortgages in this country. Obama has stated that he believes in the redistribution of wealth and favoritism towards those HE has decided are less fortunate. He has bullied anyone who disagrees.

Obama is not small business-friendly. The Dodd-Frank Financial Bill, which was drawn up by the same twosome who oversaw the collapse of Fannie and Freddie and for whom the bill is named, is actually helping the big banks by destroying the smaller banks with overbearing and expensive regulations.

Historically, the United States evolved, not from the collectivist vision of social justice, but from a vision of freedom and justice in which each individual is entitled to the opportunity to be the best that s/he can be.

Communism or Progressivism decries this ideal. Their vision is for all wealth and private property to be evenly distributed among the population, no matter who earns it. There is no private ownership. Everything belongs to everyone.  You see, if we don’t  “own” anything, we are able to work “unselfishly” as a collective for the “common good.”

The first ideal stresses the value of the individual, while the second stresses the collective. One thrives on freedom, and the other thrives on control.

These two “ideals” are antithetical and cannot co-exist. Both forces are fighting for supremacy in our government today. It is a political revolution.

The totalitarian movement began in the late 1800’s. Society was seen as divided into two social classes as a direct result of the Industrial Revolution, which they disdained because they believed the Industrial Revolution unfairly discarded hand artisans for machines.

One social class was that of the Capitalists or bourgeoisie, who were seen as being in “exclusive possession of all the means of subsistence and the materials necessary for the means of subsistence..” The second is the “…wholly propertyless, the proletariat, the workers, who were obliged to sell their labor to the bourgeoisie in exchange for subsistence.”

The environment that bred this ideology was without much of a middle class, which is not the case today. However, the ideology persists as if nothing has changed, as if the middle class does not exist, as if all Capitalists are the evil ruling class. They operate as if the United States “exceptionalism” does not exist and the worker or proletariat are still people who sell labor by the hour as if they were serfs.

In order for progressive ideology to succeed, there cannot be a successful, free capitalist nation, thus, the United States becomes a target of hatred. The progressive communist movement must be worldwide.

Communists, then and now, see free markets and competition as the “public declaration that the members of society are unequal to the extent their capitals are unequal because capital is the decisive power.”  Therefore, capitalists become the first class in society.

ACORN and the unions now march with communists in protest of capitalism; they are out in the open but Americans continue to not see although they hold rallies in plain sight. The most visible nationwide rally was on April 2nd. The next is September 17th.  It’s not the rallies alone. The busloads of them who show up on the doorsteps of CEO’s should tell us something.  The attacks on banks such as J.P. Morgan should tell us more. They have so far gotten whole townships to end their affiliation with this bank (Hempstead, NY is a case in point).

I am not saying banks or CEO’s who take enormous bonuses are blameless, I am saying their failings are being used as an opportunity to further the progressive movement towards collectivism. Collectivism cannot work, but people continue to yearn for it out of idealism, greed, envy, poor education and gang mentality.

Communists see the solution to the “unequal” distribution of wealth in the destruction of competition and the replacement with “association.” Under this system, all production is taken out of the hands of the individual and given to society as a whole, to be operated by the “whole.” In order for this to happen, private property must be abolished.

The goal of communism or progressivism has always been the gradual abolition of  private property as the “means of production” becomes of sufficient quantity to be shared so all may live in palaces communally.  The transformation of society for the creation of a communal society is the end result.

Look, really look, at what is happening now. Eminent Domain can be used to turn property over to private developers for the purpose of revitalization. That opens us up to all kinds of play-for-pay options. How about all the government land grabs for “green space” and “open air projects?”  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now own most of the mortgages in this country – in other words, they own our homes. Now, the President wants the government to rent foreclosed homes. The government is assuming ownership of private property in a way that has never happened before.

How do the Communists aka Progressives take over private property? They do it through progressive taxation, heavy inheritance taxes, forced loans (consider the ACORN and DOJ bullying of banks to give mortgages to people who cannot qualify).

All of these things are happening; in point of fact, raising taxes has become the new norm and people are buying into it as if it were the only “necessary.” If we accept this, there will be no end, no maximum at which taxation will cease. It is the nature of the beast.

Another means to the end is the gradual takeover of private companies by employing government competition to drive them out of business. Obamacare will certainly do that to all private health insurance. I could ask why it is charity to pay for everyones’ every medical everything at greater cost than what we now pay, but that is for another discussion.

Our government owns AIG, which owns most of the insurance companies. The government owns a car company that continually has their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets – when will the government sell the stock at the loss they promised us? Look at the attacks on Gibson Guitars and Boeing, non-union U.S. companies.

Other means to the end are to form industrial armies, especially of agriculture, educate children in nation institutions at national cost, establish communal living on government land, destruction of unhealthy buildings in urban districts, concentration of all means of transportation, et cetera.

Government agencies now regulate the air we breathe, the resources we drill, our farms, our oceans and coasts and so on.  Do these qualify as armies?

Stack ‘em and pack ‘em homes are now being planned throughout the country. We have our first one on Long Island in Coram.

Our institutions of higher learning have a decidedly leftist bent. I went to my nephew’s graduation at Dartmouth and found the communist social justice flyers on many of the seats. Our schools are now incorporating social justice into the curriculum K-12, which is indoctrination for a philosophy that states all peoples are to be given an equal distribution of all wealth, regardless of whether they earn it, inherit it, or just collect it.

We also have the AMTRAK loser, which relies on taxpayer dollars. The President’s vision includes a government-controlled rail system.

President Obama even wants his own (infrastructure) bank, to be called the iBank.

The new social order of Progressivism is one in which all people live together peacefully because all crises will have been removed. In this idyllic world, all production and living conditions will be controlled to provide abundant supply and out of that will come progress.

In a perfect world, people might want to do their best to support all the rest of those who do not or cannot. The truth, however, in our imperfect world, is that the more we take incentives away from people, the less they will produce, unless we do as the Chinese do and violate their human rights to make them do it.

We recently heard Vice President Biden, while speaking to the Chinese, in a deplorable effort to be heard on a different point, state that he understands the one child rule and doesn’t second-guess it. Well, that one child rule has lead to massive abortions, women being dragged out of their homes to have their babies torn from them, infanticide, invisible people who wander the countryside without identity because the State says they don’t exist. As a result, China has too many males because female children are considered less valuable and are therefore aborted at an alarming rate. Way to go Biden.

In the United States, we believe that competition is productive and the opportunity provided by capitalism leads to progress. Indeed, despite its flaws, the United States has been the most successful society in history and it has led the world in a quest for freedom unparalleled by any other.

We are seeing a political revolution. For more information, read here: Marxism

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