The Vulgar President


Barack Obama

Barack Obama uses coarse and inciteful language to bully, subdue and divide. He has made a habit of it throughout his presidency and his recent performance on the ‘WTF’ show in which he used the ‘n’ word in an effort to divide Americans is only one more example of it.

Instead of bringing the nation together which the president is in a unique position to do in the aftermath of the tragedy in Charleston, Mr. Obama appeared in the podcast of a left-wing stand up comedian whose show is called ‘WTF with Mike Moran’. His purpose was to belittle Americans with another sweeping generalization about race.

It’s probably no more unusual for him to appear on a podcast called ‘WTF’ than one in which he sits between two ferns or chats with a lady who wears green lipstick and bathes in fruit loops on youtube.

Barack Obama decided to use his time on the podcast to put down Americans and make the false claim that Americans are all inherently racist.

“The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives. That casts a long shadow, and that’s still a part of our DNA that’s passed on. We’re not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite  to say n***** in public. That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not.”

Ever the divider! He wants the world to know that Americans are inherently racist – to the core.

People – black and white – are joining together and expressing love and unity while he’s trying to stir the pot. He is showing no regard for the victims’ families. They are religious people who have made it abundantly clear there is no room for hate.

As George Will said about his statement on ‘WTF’, “It’s a most unfortunate reach that he did there…you’re saying Americans are in one sense naturally, by nature, racists.”

Mr. Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Americans, for the most part, have progressed well beyond the bigotry so evident in the rest of the world.

The best response was from Larry Elder. He said the Charleston murderer didn’t take out a flag, he took out a firearm. Elder didn’t understand why they were talking about a flag. He suggested that the real issue is “maybe something might have happened if they had concealed weapons in that church or if one of the friends had intervened”. The flag is a “sideshow”, he said. “The issue today is whether somebody can work hard and make it in the middle class if he or she tries hard and the answer is a devastating ‘YES.'”

Check out the looks on the faces of leftist Marc Lamont Hill and liberal Jake Tapper. It’s not what they wanted to hear.

When Mr. Obama made his statement on ‘WTF’, he also lashed out at Fox News. Fox is the one station that regularly offers opinions contrary to his. He is not supporter of a free press. All must get in line.

Mr. Obama is just another bully and his weapon of choice is coarse language and insults which he has even used on the Obama-friendly press, the organization that is supposed to serve as watchdog of an overreaching government. The examples are endless.

His opinion of himself is inflated and his opinion of Americans is very low. He expects the press to agree.

The president has verbally assaulted the NRA and law-abiding gun owners. He has used the brutal murders in Charleston to further his anti-gun agenda. Like a tinpot dictator, he uses language to destroy our beliefs.

Back in 2013, these black conservative leaders were having none of it.

The vulgar president is a master of deceptive language and it’s the tool of tinpot dictators. It’s used to control the public.

It’s not only the president who is using this tactic of course. American students in Madison, Wisconsin can no longer wear any sports logos, hats, et cetera that bears a Blackhawk or Redskins symbol or any Indian symbol. Professors at UCLA can no longer say that America is the land of opportunity and students must also abide by the rules that forbid ‘microaggressions’.

Students go to their safe spaces and get speakers banned from campuses. Opinions about anything are run through the politically correct sifter. Freedom of speech is giving way to state-controlled speech. It’s mind control for the masses.

Flags are now banned and words are banned. It’s no different than burning books, something we once reviled as Americans yet now we embrace the same concept slightly disguised.

Meanwhile the president and his ilk – the elite – can say what they please – be as vulgar as they please. They can freely and without consequences insult and demean Americans before the world.



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