The White Potato Will Continue for Another Day


Despite the nanny government’s best efforts, the potato will survive on the lunch menu of our public schools. As one congresswoman said, it’s not the potato, it’s how it is sometimes prepared and any food can be prepared badly, becoming a nutrition issue.

From the NY Times: The Senate stood up Tuesday for the humble white potato and rebuffed an effort by President Obama to limit its consumption by millions of schoolchildren around the country.

The administration has proposed limiting the amount of potatoes and other starchy vegetables that can be served in school lunches to one cup per student per week, and banning them from school breakfasts.

The Senate on Tuesday moved to block the proposal by adopting an amendment to the 2012 spending bill for the Agriculture Department. The amendment, approved by unanimous consent, prohibits the department from setting “any maximum limits on the serving of vegetables in school meal programs.” I will survive