The White Privilege Conference and Common Core: The Scary Similarities



by Gary Spina

The White Privilege Conference is working hard to control the thoughts and core beliefs of a new army of radicals who would tear down America and replace it with a totalitarian socialist state. They are well-organized, they are dangerous – they are a very real threat to capitalism, to our work-ethic, to Christian values, family values, and the American way of life. And they are real, and they have come calling – even now gently tapping so innocently at our door.

I would like to know how many of the people involved in the White Privilege Conference are in charge of teaching our children? More and more, our classrooms and our school curriculums are controlled by shadowy people with shadowy agendas from shadowy backrooms from outside the local school district. More and more control is taken away from parents and locally elected school boards — all under the sinister doctrine of universal or nationally accepted “standards.”

The origins of it all are hidden from us, yet the conferences appear to be well-organized, well-funded, and well-attended. All the while, we the parents of school children, we the hard-working, law-abiding, productive Americans who contribute to America’s greatness, we who believe in Judeo-Christian values are all in their cross-hairs. We are scorned, lied to, and manipulated.

I’m thinking about that TV commercial — a massive propaganda drive — that has silly young school teachers promulgating the nonsense that Common Core is “local” and community based, that it is not mandated from Washington and not forced on states and school districts, that its goal is higher standards of education. All are provable lies.

Now I know that the White Privilege Conference is more than just public education, and they may or may not have ties to Common Core. But the similarities between the two are scary. The White Privilege Conference is mass indoctrination of people who have been made to believe themselves victims. Common Core is an organized effort to wrest control of our children’s minds from family and church. Both the White Privilege Conference and Common Core are putting across a false narrative and a dishonest revision of history and reality. Both are motivated by their goal of fundamentally destroying America.

These freedom haters have their tentacles entwined in every aspect of our society. But, more than anything else, I was dismayed to see in attendance at the White Privilege Conference so many of our teachers and educators who are so willing to espouse a deep-rooted hatred and a pervasive divisiveness – so eager to champion the dismantling of America.

If these movements flourish — if this poison and ignorance takes hold in our society — America cannot recover. Of course, the people behind the White Privilege Conference and Common Core know that. That is exactly their goal.

Now, how are we going to fight them? Because fight them we must.