There’s a Common Core Revolt on Long Island But Few Are Listening


Parents and staff on Long Island are revolting against Common Core because of the outrageously poor implementation, the overwhelming problems with the often age-inappropriate curricula, and the excessive testing that is actually hurting students. No one in Albany is listening.

The meetings provide nothing more than lip service, but the New York education department elite did allow people to speak.

Big of them.

The one-size-fits-all curricula isn’t working. What a surprise!

Chancellor Merryl Tisch

Photo of Chancellor Merryl Tisch, the source of New York’s problem

Professional educator and teacher union president, Beth Dimino, of the Comsewogue School District addressed the forum in the Ward Melville School District in East Setauket, Long Island. She said it all. It’s impossible for me to say it better.

Listen to the entire meeting on this link or listen below, it is well worth listening to:

If you want your child’s data removed from InBloom go to this link and find out how.

It would be a good idea. One of the companies involved with Common Core testing, Act Inc. has already sold student data for profit.

We will see more of that no doubt.

The children who are severely hurt by Common core are not acceptable collateral damage.

Wake up New York!