These Are A Few of Obama’s Favorite Things


Jerusalem Post reports that at times President Obama has been “enraged” with Israel. The things that enrage Obama and the things that make him happy say a lot about who he is and that’s a pretty scary thought.

US special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Martin Indyk gave an interview this week about US relations with Jerusalem since the end of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in April, and throughout the Gaza operation. Indyk said that at times US President Barack Obama has become “enraged” at the Israeli government, for its actions and for the way it has treated US Secretary of State John Kerry – a bozo if ever there was one.

Some of that criticism, targeted at Kerry during his efforts to forge a cease-fire with Hamas through Qatar last month, “enraged” the American president, Indyk asserted.

Other things that enrage Obama are Republicans, the Tea Party, rich people of which he is one, police – especially if they are in Cambridge, Massachusetts or Ferguson, Texas, balanced budgets, the Constitution, the military, middle class white men, Hobby Lobby craft stores, Little Sisters of the Poor, Christians, citizens and legal residents, all guns, cowboys, Clive Bundy, the Dalai Lama, Kanyé West, people from Texas but, oddly, he does seem driven to a near-catatonic state on the topic of ISIS.

Check it out. He sounds like he’s falling asleep. He’s out of it.

What he does like are minimum wage hikes (gets him worked up more than ISIS), abortion, birth control, Karl Marx, redistribution, social justice, environmental justice, global justice, Muslim call to prayer, the first man to walk on the moon Abdul Mohammed (okay, I’m just kidding), Occupiers, illegal aliens, Common Core, Martha’s Vineyard, golf – more than life itself, Beyoncé, extreme LGBT activists, Muslims feeling good about themselves thanks to NASA, African war lords and dictators, regulations, the EPA, IRS, the BLM, and so on.

He’s a crazy person.