They’re At It Again – Lawsuit to Ban Lead In Ammo


The Center for Biological Diversity is at is again.  As I warned in a previous article, there is a lawsuit demanding that lead ammo be banned and as I said before, lead-free ammo which could be bismuth or steel (which is comprised of Iron) is also poisonous.

Maybe the Center should concentrate on the far larger number of dead birds being racked up by the wind farms. If they really care about birds, our Bald Eagle is being killed in fairly high numbers by windmills.

Field and Stream: From this story on reuters.comEnvironmental groups filed suit on Thursday seeking federal regulation of lead in ammunition, claiming exposure to the toxic metal from spent bullets fired into the environment by hunters kills millions of birds and poses a risk to human health. The Center for Biological Diversity was among 100 organizations that this year unsuccessfully petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to restrict the use of lead-based ammunition, which accounts for most bullets and shot used by hunters and other shooting sportsmen in the nation.

The EPA said it did not have the authority to regulate lead ammunition, a claim disputed by environmental groups. That issue is now at the center of the federal lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and six other conservation groups in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.

We’ve previously covered the issue, ad infinitum, here and here among others. We shouldn’t be surprised, of course. After the EPA rejected their petition, the Center for Biological Diversity all but said the lawsuit was coming, because that’s what they do, over and over and over again…

Lead in bullets is not the same noxious lead that is found in paints.

Second Amendment foes have reloaded in another attempt to restrict Americans’ use of firearms. Disguised as nature lovers, gun grabbers are repeating a demand that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ban the use of lead in ammunition. Forcing hunters to shell out for pricey substitutes is meant to discourage the sport and reduce gun ownership. Given the EPA’s propensity for overregulation, Congress should step in and ensure this restriction never happens.

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