They’re Baaack….Occupy Wall Street Returns for Bernie



The Occupy Wall Street communists, socialists, anarchists, haters and economic illiterates are back on the streets of New York City to help out Bernie as people head out to the polls. About 4,000 showed up out of a city of 9 million, Frontpage Magazine estimated.

bernie rally

“Bernie’s campaign — like the [Bill] de Blasio campaign [for New York mayor in 2013], like the [Elizabeth] Warren campaign [for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2012] — are lineal descendants of Occupy,” said Bob Master, who is political director for the Communications Workers of America and co-chairman of the ACORN-affiliated Working Families Party, Frontpage Magazine reports.

“These campaigns, and Sanders most dramatically, are Occupy Wall Street translated into electoral politics,” Master told CNN. “This is the revolt of the 99 percent.”

Master thinks they are creating a positive political climate by acting like jacka…um…the way they act.

“We’ve been able to tap into the energy of [Occupy] and channel that into something tangible and concrete and forward-looking,” he said. “They’re here [working on the campaign]. I see them, I see a lot of them volunteering, making phone calls, knocking on doors. It’s a natural fit.”

They are all on the far-left together with Sanders and his union thugs.

We have a few photos from CNN for you at the end.


Occupy never really left. They’ve been joining Black Lives Matter, People 4 Bernie, the Revolutionary Communist Party and all the other leftist loons destroying the big cities.

The Occupiers and Bernie are pushing their leftist ideals into the mainstream. They’re winning on phony income inequality and the insidious hate the rich mantra. They’ve injected it into the political discourses if it were normal and accepted fact.

The entire wealth redistribution, women equality, social justice, and minimum wage themes are treated as if they are something other than Marxist ramblings of kooks, ill-taught students, illegal aliens, welfare recipients, and the celebrities who live in Ivory Towers with the rest of the 1%.

Bernie applauds them as did Nancy Pelosi and so many other Democrats over the years. Obama was protective of them and invites the most radical of the Black Lives Matter to the White House for advice.

Occupiers in 2011 were upset they didn’t have blacks and Hispanics in their white movement so they started hiring them off the street. However, they now have them under the guise of Black Lives Matter and they’ve never really gone away. They have since been joined by assorted communist groups as well.

They don’t care about black lives or they would care that the slaughter in Chicago is worse than in Iraq at its peak. Two days ago, three people were shot, one was a one-year old baby, and more than 900 have died so far this year in Chicago alone. They weren’t killed by cops, they were killed by gangbangers.

I spent time with the collectivists aka Occupiers in 2011 and am including a couple videos so you can get an idea of who they are. You should be familiar with the crackpots the Democrats lauded while tearing apart the Tea Party who were always well-behaved.

This is the first day of Occupy on September 17, 2011.

The woman towards the end in the next clip says we are all creatures of a symbiotic relationship. The woman instructing the young numbskulls at the very end of the video is a leftist who teaches at City University, well-known for it’s communists and socialists.

This is part of a worldwide movement that keeps track of their progress here in the US.

SEIU union thug socialists and communists in 2011 when they joined with the Communist Party USA for a rally called We Are One.

The children get propagandized also.

Your future America!

Here are a few photos from this past week’s worth of rallies. These are Bernie’s peeps.

wallst4 wallst3 wall st6 wall st3 wall st2 corps are not people

The article at Frontpage Magazine is well-written and worth reading.