They’re Coming After Your Ammo Purchases



Ironic photo of bullet-cigarettes


California is becoming a statist empire. They have, for instance, some of the most restrictive smoking laws in the nation. It fact they are the epicenter of smoking bans, unless it’s pot – you can smoke that with no significant limitations.

California wants to be the epicenter of anti-ammo and anti-gun laws as well.

California has come up with anti-gun bills that include making ammo very expensive and harder to get.

A State Senator has proposed a $50 fee and background checks for ammo purchases. That is only the beginning.

Bullets are already very expensive. In NY, they are about a $1.50 a piece.

Sen. Kevin deLeon (D-Los Angeles) wrote the bill.

“Today you can walk out of San Quentin Prison, you can walk out of Chino, you can walk out of L.A. Central County Jail, and you can buy all the ammunition you want—no questions asked,” he said.

Someone tell me why they don’t go after felons then instead of legal gun owners? Punish their gun crimes to the fullest extent of the law instead of punishing the average gun owner who wants to hunt, target practice and protect him/herself?

This is only one bill in a package of seven gun control bills. It’s one more state passing laws the violate our Second Amendment rights which must not be infringed.

Full story at CBS local.Saramento